Oxford Correct

Oxford Correct

Introducing Oxford Correct Light Cure Flowable Composite to Correct and Repair Crowns and Bridges

Easy to repair with Oxford Correct

Oxford Correct is a resin based flowable composite indicated for use in the repair and/or modification of Oxford Temp. Oxford Correct is a true flowable composite with filler loading of 43 % by volume and 62 % by weight. It is available in various shades in order to match the other Oxford material shades.

Features and Benefits:



Flowable consistency Easy-to-use Repair very fast

Better adaptation to the appliance Simplifies the repair procedure Greater patient comfort

Ordering information

Oxford Correct, Light Cure Flowable Composite

Includes: 1 x 2 ml / 3,4 g syringe

3 x Oxford Needle TIP 20 gauge

Part Number Product 39-005A1

Part Number Product 39-005B1

Oxford Correct A1 Oxford Correct A2

Oxford Correct B1 Oxford Correct B3

39-005A2 39-005A3

39-005B3 39-005C2

Oxford Correct A3 39-005A3,5 Oxford Correct A3,5

Oxford Correct C2 39-005Bleach Oxford Correct Bleach

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