Easy Bulkhead - Easy C-Bracket 2014-

CH19222 Partition aluminium rail (6280mm)

CH19299 Stainless steel 6 x 40 partition pin

CH214810 Partition fixed central body

CH214809 Partition adjustable central body

CH214812 long runner

CH214811 short runner

CH514 Hex. Srew 8/8 zn bi 10x25 ft

CH210050 Stopper pin and silent block

CH19359 Roller bearing for Easy 2014 metalwork

CH208805 Rotation Pin

CH214804 Metalwork front pin

CH8712 Spring cylinder 3400N

CH210042 Fixing plate (before modification)

CH210134 Partition safety stop st/cl4/53

CH8007 Merkel stop d 2525

CH19232 Coated roller, FTH 40x14/10

CH19238 Half nut, M10 stainless steel

CH214805 Metalwork swivel ring

CH19282 MODIFIED NOW USE CH20344 & CH20345

CH20344 RH Easy Bracket

CH20345 LH Easy Bracket


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