Riverside Reporter - August 2017

From t he Manage r s Desk

Mitchell. Outgoing Committee Members are Bob Woodard and Chris Pidd. Thank you to Bob and Chris for your time on the Committee. Welcoming new members—Bruce Beattie, David Dearing, Lorraine Husselbee, Tony Hawkins, Wendy Rykers, Pat Sharpe, Jan Watkins and Mika Yskes. It is exciting to see a plethora of new Social Club Committee members join the team and we look forward to many memories made in the next 12 months (and lots of photo’s too guys)

Hi Village People Believe it or not, August is the last month of winter. I’m not so sure Mother Nature agrees. We may all end up looking forward to Summer. With the AGM’s in July for the Resident Liaison Committee and the Social Club Committee, we have seen a change with some resigning, some staying and some new faces. The Resident Liaison Committee has seen the President Bill de Graaf, Fay Kite move into the Secretary position and Gwyneth Fagan remain a member and Ettie Willett resign as Secretary. A big thank you to Ettie for all her hard work as Secretary. We welcome new Committee Members , Joan Burn, Tony Hawkins and Lorraine Husselbee. With the Social Club Committee there has been a change to both the President and Vice-President’s positions. Outgoing President is Alan Mathews and incoming is Joan Burn. Outgoing Vice-President is Peter Stickland and incoming is Kevin McLaren. Thank you to both Alan and Peter for all your time and hard work, in what is not an easy job. Jean Lapham remains in the position of Secretary and Rita Richardson as Treasurer. Larraine Peake has resigned as Assistant Treasurer and Fay Kite has moved into this position. Remaining Committee Members are Ray Lapham, Maureen Aldridge and Sandra

Volunteering is not easy and all who put their hands up to make the sacrifice to serve others needs all the support and encourage- ment we can give them.

Congratulations, well done, great job, couldn't do it without you, an inspiration to others, wonderful effort and a great big THANK YOU. From the Admin Office Staff

Happy Birthday to those who are celebrating their special day in AUGUST From the Staff of RGE

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