Koln and Bonn City Guide

City Guide: Köln and Bonn


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Köln and Bonn City Guide

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

City Profiles Köln Central Cologne/Altstadt

The “Altstadt” (the old part of the city) is famous as the tourist area of Cologne. A lot of bars, restaurants offering regional dishes and sights such as the Cathedral, the Gürzenich (a festival hall), the Historic City Hall and many museums are located in this area. The district is situated around the Cathedral and central station (Hauptbahnhof) with easy access to the famous pedestrian shopping areas such as the Schildergasse, Hohe Straße, Breite Straße and Richmond Straße. Various squares are located in the “Altstadt” e.g. Altermarkt and Heumarkt. At the Heumarkt the kickoff for the carnival season takes place every year on the 11 th November at 11:11am. Nippes/Mauenheim Nippes/Mauenheim is a northern suburb of Cologne and founded at the turn of the 19 th century to the 20 th century. The main street “Neusser Straße” offers very good shopping facilities and there is a food and vegetable market on the Wilhelmsplatz every day (except Sundays). Parks and green areas are easily accessible; however, the parking situation is difficult. Nippes is a very lively area of Cologne with multi-cultural atmosphere. Tram lines: number 12/15 Weidenpesch Weidenpesch is located in the northern part of the city, north of the neighborhood of Nippes and south of Niehl. There are plenty of shopping facilities on the Niehler Straße, Friedrich-Karl- Straße, Neusser Straße or in Nippes. The Cologne Horse Race Track is located in Weidenpesch where races take place on Sundays. Weidenpesch is also the old customs border of Cologne and you will find the oldest pub of the city “Alte Zollgrenze” on Neusser Straße – the legend says that Napoleon dined there! Tram lines: number 12/15 Riehl Riehl is located close to the city but it is also a very green area due to the nearby zoo, the river Rhine and the Botanic Garden of Cologne. It is a very good and wealthy neighborhood. The buildings are designed in a very mixed style. Shopping facilities are on the main street of Riehl, the Stammheimer Straße (e.g., supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, drugstore) and various “Kölsch” (special local beer) pubs and restaurants. There is a market along the Riehler Gürtel every Wednesday and Friday where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Tram lines: number 17, 18 and 19 Neustadt Nord The so-called Neustadt Nord (“new city north”) is located north of the Aachener Straße, parallel to the Grüngürtel and the Rhine. It is one of the most popular living areas of Cologne, where expatriates and locals live next to each other (Belgisches Viertel, Friesenviertel and Agnesviertel). It is a very pleasant area with plenty of galleries, small shops, trendy bars and restaurants. The rental price range is on the upper end. On the one hand, it is very close to the busy shopping area in the Ehrenstraße, on the other hand it also offers access to open spaces like the Grüngürtel (green area) and Stadtgarten (“municipal park”) which offer possibilities for relaxation, strolls and sports.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Lindenthal This neighborhood is located on the western side of the inner city, between the Grüngürtel and Aachener Weiher (a nice lake with swans etc. surrounded by nice cafes and restaurants). The East Asian Museum and the Stadtwald (“city forest”) are located in this area as well. This neighborhood offers a mixture of buildings from the 50s and 60s, new buildings and also old villas. The Universitätsklinik (“university hospital”) and the campus of Germany’s oldest university are located in Lindenthal. Lindenthal’s main street is the Dürenerstraße, where one can find many small boutiques, supermarkets and restaurants. Tram lines: number 1, 7, 13 and several bus services Sülz Sülz is located at the south-west of the city center. It is very close to the city and also offers a lot of green space; however, the parking situation is rather bad. This district represents one of the favorite residential area among the inhabitants of Cologne. Many bars and restaurants, parks (such as the Beethovenpark) are located in Sülz. The English speaking “St. Georges School” is located in Rondorf which is next to Sülz. Additionally, there is a food market every week on the Auerbachplatz. Tram line: Number 9 plus various bus services Rodenkirchen Rodenkirchen is situated in the south of Cologne (approx. 4 kilometers from the city center) and is characterized as a very popular living area, particularly due to the close distance to the river Rhine and the second Botanic Garden. Rodenkirchen used to be an old fishing village of Cologne and therefore offers a very pleasant atmosphere. Local shopping facilities are good and there is easy access to many boutiques, food halls etc. Moreover, Rodenkirchen has its own highway access (A555 / A4). Tram line: number 16 Widdersdorf Widdersdorf is located at the very west of the city border (10 kilometers to the city center). The little village is surrounded by fields. Additionally, quite a number of new family homes were built in the past 10 years and Widdersdorf is continuously growing. Thus, this district is characterized as a very family-friendly area. The Internationale Friedensschule (international peace school) is located in Widdersdorf. Shopping facilities are within short distance, such as the shopping center “Rhine Center Mall” which is only 2 kilometers away. Public transportation: only bus services. Esch/Pesch Esch/Pesch is located in the western part of the city of Cologne, 2 kilometers away from the city Pulheim. It is very close to the lakes of Esch (Escher and Pescher See) and is a fairly quiet district. Shopping facilities are only available in Pulheim. The distance to the city center is approx. 12 kilometers. There is hardly any public transportation. Poll Poll is located to the right of the river Rhine and is also a very green area. The center of Poll is located around the Siegburger Straße where one can find several shops/supermarkets for the daily life. The city center of Cologne is approx. 1.5 kilometers away.

Bonn Municipality Bonn

With an area of 64.2 km², Bonn is the largest of the four districts of federal town of Bonn. The district Bonn is the part within the federal city of Bonn where most of the facilities for education, culture and leisure, as well as most offices for the local authorities and institutions are located.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

The “political” Bonn with the second official location of the German Chancellor and the Federal President, ministries, 29 diplomatic consulates and embassies as well as many high level government offices are located in the district of Bonn. The quarter Südstadt is one of the favourite residential areas within Bonn. In walking distance to the river along the alleys many “Gründerzeit”-Villas are now residentially used but also host a number of art galleries and law offices in a very representative surrounding. The absolutely high class residential location is the quarter Venusberg with its direct access to the natural park “Kostenforst-Ville” and its villa-like residences. Bad Godesberg Bad Godesberg is situated in the most southern part of Bonn and located at the river Rhine. Many diplomats used to live and work in this area when Bonn was the capital of West Germany before re-unification in 1989. It mainly consists of family homes and the two international schools are located in Bad Godesberg as well. The city of Bad Godesberg offers a pedestrian area with plenty of shopping facilities, bars and restaurants. There is also a big park at the river (Rheinaue) and a big forest close to Wachtberg (Kottenforst). There is a train station to Bonn/Cologne plus the tram line number 16. Beuel Beuel is a booming and lovable district. Due to the increasing economic power and a broad range of leisure activities in the neighbourhood, living and working in this area have become very popular and attractive. The special attractiveness of the landscape shapes this district in its very own manner. The recreation areas like the mouth of the river Sieg, Ennert and the “Siebengebirge”, the 10,2 km long Rhine boardwalk and the Rheinauenpark on the right hand of the River Rhine invite to take long walks. This landscape conveys the picture of typical German scenery. The individually designed detached and semi-detached houses on spacious properties in the northern and eastern part of Holzar, about 5 kilometres from the city centre, are highly preferred residential areas. The residential areas south of the Weiheimer Straße in Holtorf are one of the best locations in the whole of Bonn. Geislar is surrounded on one side by the relatively crowded residential area Beuel and on the other side one finds the idyllic water castle “Lede”. Geislar’s calm location and the nearby motorway are positive assets of this quarter. Vilich-Müldorf, with its village charm is about 3 km away from the city centre of Beuel. Towards the north one can find the very rural and relatively calm quarters Vilich, Vilich-Rheindorf and Scharzrheindorf. The quarter Pützchen- Bechlinghoven has many advantages due to its proximity to the nature park “Siebengebirge”, the leisure centre and spa Ennert as well as to the lively town centre of Beuel. In this area one mainly finds detached and semi-detached housing. Hardtberg The district Hartberg is the smallest district of the four districts of Bonn with a size of 11.94 km². The German Department of Defence is still located in Hardtberg. Duisdorf is an eminent location for the supreme federal authorities. Therefore many bigger housing estates have been built to host the federal employees. The quarter Medighoven south of the Konrad-Adenauer- Damm with its green areas running through the many 4 to 6 story high houses is a highly demanded living area. The quarter Büser Berg is dominated by a residential estate planed in the 1970s with a large diversity of detached houses. This quarter is not only famous for its residential areas in the countryside but also as a quarter where many trade associations and lobbyists from economy and society are located.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Housing Registration with the Utility Providers Electricity

The local electricity company should be contacted to state the move-in date and check whether the previous owner or tenant has cancelled his registration. When registering, there may be a fee. Normally, a pre-payment amount will be charged every one or two months, and these are adjusted at the end of the year according to usage. The easiest forms of payment are direct debit or standing order. Water, sewage and garbage collection (see below) The tenant normally pays for water, sewage and garbage collection to the landlord. In case he has to register directly, the tenant must call the respective local utility company himself. Snow clearing and cleaning of communal areas According to house rules which are attached to the lease agreement or put in the communal staircase, tenants are sometimes held responsible for the cleaning of the communal areas of the house and for the snow and ice removal during the winter. It is advisable to ask your landlord if you are responsible for snow and ice clearing. If the tenant is required to be responsible for snow removal during the winter, then he is liable for any damage which may be caused by his neglect to remove the snow. Telephone registration (see also separate chapter) In order to arrange for the telephone to be connected, one provider is Deutsche Telekom (Tel: 0800-3 30 10 00). The connection should be made within approximately 14 days. It helps to be able to give the name and number of the previous tenant. TV/Radio registration In Germany all TV sets and radios, including those in cars, have to be registered with the GEZ ( Gebühreneinzugszentrale). This fee is mandatory. Children who live with their parents but have their own income must also register their own radios and TV sets. Registration forms for the GEZ can be obtained from all post offices and banks, downloaded from the internet: www.gez.de or via fax: 0180-5 82 10 10. The mailing address of the GEZ is: GEZ 50656 Köln.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Classified Advertisements Local newspapers offer a range of classified sections on accommodation either to rent or to buy however the main source is the internet. A further option is to place an advertisement oneself. Below are some contacts to look for or place advertisements: Basic abbreviations used in classified ads : 1-ZKB 1 Zimmer, Küche, Bad (1 room, kitchen, bathroom) 2-ZKBB 2 Zimmer, Küche, Bad, Balkon (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, balcony) 3-ZW 3-Zimmer Wohnung (3-room apartment) Atelier Studio Apartment DG Dachgeschoss (attic) EB Erstbezug (first letting) EBK Einbauküche (fitted kitchen) EG Erdgeschoss (ground floor) KM Kaltmiete (rent excl. heating or utilities ) Lux. Luxuswohnung (luxury apartment ) Miete z.Z. Miete zur Zeit (current rent – may be raised for new tenant) Möbl. Möbliert (furnished) Nachm. Nachmieter (new tenant) NB Neubau (new building) NK Nebenkosten (maintenance costs for heating, garbage etc.) NR Nichtraucher (non-smoker) Souterrain (basement apartment) Teilmöbliert (partly-furnished, usually with fitted kitchen and bathroom) U/Kt. Umlagen/Kaution (additional costs/security deposit) Warm heating, sometimes utilities included

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Insurances Personal Liability Insurance ( Privat-Haftpflichtversicherung ) a) Vehicle: An unlimited third party liability insurance policy is compulsory for all cars/motorized vehicles in Germany. Safe drivers are rewarded by reductions of the premiums. In order to benefit from this, please provide your insurance record from your previous insurance company. b) Private: This insurance is optional, but highly recommended. Many landlords will demand proof of liability insurance before signing a lease contract, since it covers cases of liability for injury or damage to other persons or their property. Basic or standard coverage is EUR 5-10 million against injury or damage and EUR 1 million against damage to rented property. Some insurances offer special premiums for singles. c) Animal owner: Dog liability insurance is strongly recommended. Home Contents Insurance (Hausratversicherung) Household Insurance, covering the contents of your home against fire, water damage, theft, vandalism and hail is not required by law in Germany. But it is recommended, and some landlords demand it. It is advisable to insure your home for € 700 per square meter of living space, since otherwise, you may be underinsured, and the insurance company may not pay 100 % in case of damage. Legal Insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) Covers any legal costs you encounter up to a certain limit. And, if you want to counter sue, it will cover the payment as long as there is a reasonable chance of winning. Legal insurance can be purchased for different purposes, such as for the entire family, the job, traffic infractions or the lease of your home. Recommendable English speaking independent insurance brokers* offering services in different ways (in person, via email, on-line or phone): Hoesch and Partner (offices in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Munich) Matthias Heil Rüsterstr. 1, 60325 Frankfurt Tel.: 069 - 71 70 7-0 Fax: 069 - 72 73 75 E-Mail: info@hoesch-partner.de / Website: http://www.hoesch-partner.de/home.html Competence Exclusive E.K. (offices in Cologne, Aachen, Bonn, Leverkusen, and Düsseldorf) Claus Edam Klosterstr. 6, 50181 Bedburg

Tel.: 02272 - 4 07 58 34 Fax: 02272 - 4 07 58 35 E-Mail: cedam@ce-expat.de / Website: www.ce-expat.de

Services of these brokers are offered free of charge and include not only initial consultation but also the development and presentation of tailored solutions, negotiations of conditions with insurance and financial institutions, as well as applications, claim settlements, cancellations or changes of policies.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

*Brokers may also provide contracts with state health insurance. If not, please contact the insurance company directly. Recommendable English speaking state health insurance providers offering services in different ways (in person, via email, on-line or phone):

TK – Techniker Krankenkasse Carmen Dücker and Jan Müller Rhonestr. 7, 60528 Frankfurt

Tel.: 069-6 64 48-937 Fax: 069-6 64 48-939 E-Mail: carmen.duecker@tk.de / Website: www.tk.de Barmer GEK Ralf Köhler Mainzer Landstr 293, 60326 Frankfurt Tel.: 0800 - 33 20 60 47-1506 (inside Germany) Tel.: 069 - 216 71 47-1506 (from abroad) Fax: 0800 33 20 60 47-1090 (inside Germany) Cell: 0151 - 18 23 43 70 E-Mail: ralf.koehler@barmer-gek.de, Website. www.barmer-gek.de

Please note that the information in this brochure is a guide only. Regulations and requirements are subject to change. By German law Dwellworks is not allowed to give legal advice. Therefore, information given in this guide is based on our longstanding experience. Dwellworks GmbH does not assume any liability for the completeness and accuracy of the statements made. Especially no liability is assumed for all legal, fiscal or other consequences as a result hereof. Gesundheitsamt in Köln Neumarkt 15-21 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-22 12 48 13 Mon - Thurs: 8 am - 4 pm Fri: 8 am - 12 am

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Education Childcare

The most popular childcare options for full-time working parents are au pairs (only possible if parent’s mother language is German), all-day babysitters and in-home care providers. Familienservice Köln An der Flora 27 50735 Köln

Tel: 0221-76 70 74 Fax: 0221-76 11 00 E-mail: koeln@familienservice.de www.familienservice.de Schooling BilinGO Bilinguale Grundschule Köln Bilingual Primary School Stolberger Str. 311 50933 Köln Tel: 0221-7 88 73 80 0 Fax: 0221-7 88 738 10 E-mail: info@bilingo-grundschule.eu www.bilingo-grundschule.eu Contact persons: Gesa Thiel + Rosa Eveking Bonn International School Ages: 3 – 19 Martin-Luther-King-Str. 14 53175 Bonn Tel: 0228-30 85 40

Fax: 0228-30 85 43 50 E-mail: info@bonn-is.de www.bonn-is.de Contact persons: Stephen Middlebrook (School Director) + Marcia Wrighton (Admissions Manager) Independent Bonn International School (IBIS) International Primary School Ages: 3 – 11 Tulpenbaumweg 42 53177 Bonn

Tel: 0228-32 31 66 Fax: 0228-32 39 58 E-mail: ibis@ibis-school.com www.ibis-school.com Contact person: Headteacher: Irene Bolik

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Kai International School Kaiserstr. 43 53173 Bonn

Tel: 0228 - 350 39 39 Fax: 0228 - 350 39 70 E-mail: office@kay-international.de www.kai-international.de Internationale Friedensschule Köln International Peace School Köln Elementary school (in general from 6 – 11 years) Neue Sandkaul 29 50859 Köln Tel: 0221-31 06 34-0 Fax: 0221-31 06 34-10 E-mail: info@if-koeln.de Website: http://www.if-koeln.de Contact person: Director: Sabine Woggon-Schulz

Kindergarten Most children in Germany go to a kindergarten between the age of three and six, although it is not compulsory. The law guarantees a place for every child, however finding vacancies in a kindergarten can be difficult. Therefore flexibility may be required when choosing a kindergarten. It may not be possible to send one’s child to the nearest kindergarten. Children can usually attend half-day or all day. International / bilingual kindergartens: BONN: Carrusel (Spanish)

Kanalstr. 20 53175 Bonn Tel: 0228-30 78 770 E-mail: kita@carrusel.de www.carrusel.de KÖLN: Ecole Maternelle Franco-Allemand

educcare gemGmbH (English)


Alter Markt 36 - 42

Im Rapsfeld 32 50933 Köln

50667 Köln

Tel: 0221-466194-00 E-mail: info@educcare.de

Tel: 0221-4 99 20 41

E-mail: ecolematernelle@t-online.de www.emafa.org Pillepup International (English)


Vincerola International

private bilingual kindergarten from 1 to 6 years

Montessori Day Nursery (English)

Venloer Str. 231 b

Neue Sandkaul 27

50823 Köln

50859 Köln

Tel: 0221-530 31 84

Tel: 0221-500 55 467 E-mail: info@vincerola.de

E-mail: info@pillepup-international.de www.pillepup-international.de


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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Learning German Being able to understand and communicate in German will help immensely to become familiar with life in Germany. Numerous institutions offer courses such as ‘German as a Foreign Language’, to learn German for general conversation or for business purposes. Instruction is given by native speakers who often apply the ‘total immersion’ system, in which only German is spoken in class. It is essential to obtain comprehensive information from different suppliers in order to meet the individual needs and to find out which school, kind of instruction and level would be appropriate. BONN: Berlitz Inlingua Oxfordstr. 24 Markt 10-12 53111 Bonn 53111 Bonn Tel: 0228-65 50 05 Tel: 0228-63 42 55 www.berlitz.de www.inlingua-bonn.de KÖLN: Berlitz Inlingua Schildergasse 72-76 Herzogstr. 32 50667 Köln 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-27 73 90 Tel: 0221-2 57 57 90 www.berlitz.de www.inlingua-koeln.de Linguarama Volkshochschule Köln Marzellenstr. 3-5 Tel: 0221-22 13 05 00 50667 Köln www.stadt-koeln.de/vhs Tel: 0221-16 09 90 www.linguarama.com E-mail: cologne@linguarama.com TV and Radio Programmes www.learn-german-online.net then go to TV and Radio English

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Everyday Shopping Opening Hours

Department stores and retail shops in the city centre are usually open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 or 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 or 8.00 p.m. Some stores may be open until 10 p.m. Smaller stores in the suburbs often close at 6.30 p.m. while major grocery stores are open to 8.00 sometimes 10.00 p.m. Smaller stores may also close for lunch. Exceptions are the grocery stores and shops at the main railway station and the airport. They have extended opening hours into the late evening and are also open for business on Sundays. Large supermarkets are often open from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 or 10.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Shops at petrol stations are an expensive choice, should beverages, food or magazines be needed urgently out of business hours. Department Stores Bonn: Galeria Kaufhof Karstadt Remigiusstr. 20 – 24 Poststr. 23 53111 Bonn 53111 Bonn Tel.: 0228-51 60 Tel: 0228-72 24-0 www.galeria-kaufhof.de www.karstadt.de Köln: Galeria Kaufhof Karstadt Hohestr. 41-53 Breite Str. 103-135 50667 Köln 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-22 30 Tel: 0221-2 03 90 www.galeria-kaufhof.de www.karstadt.de

Shopping Mall Bonn: Huma Einkaufspark Rathausallee 16 53757 St. Augustin

Tannenbusch Center Oppelner Str. 128

53119 Bonn Tel: 0211-828965-18 www.tannenbusch-center.de

Köln: City-Center Köln-Chorweiler Mailänder Passage 1

Colonaden Hauptbahnhof Köln

Trankgasse 11 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-160 87 0

50765 Köln

Tel.: 0221-701 038

www.city-center-chorweiler.de DuMont – Carré


Breite Str. 80-90

Theresienhöhe 50354 Hürth Tel: 02233-97 93-3 www.huerth-park.de

50667 Köln

Tel.: 0221-27 25 09-0 www.dumont-carre.de

Rhein-Center Köln Aachener Str. 1253 50858 Köln-Weiden Tel.: 02234-96 45 10 Fax: 02234-4 96 57 www.rhein-center-koeln.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Electronics BONN: Saturn (Inside the Huma-Park, a shopping centre) Rathausallee 16

53757 St. Augustin Tel: 02241-92 73-0 www.saturn.de KÖLN: Bang and Olufsen

Media Markt Hohe Str. 121 50667 Köln

Brückenstr. 5 50667 Köln

Tel: 0221-2 72 63 70 www.bang-olufsen.com

Tel: 0221-27 39-0 www.media.markt.de

Radio Badorf Maternusstr. 30 50996 Köln


Maybachstr. 115

50670 Köln

Tel: 0221-9 35 59 50 www.radio-badorf.de

Tel: 0221-16 16-0 www.saturn.de

Furnishing BONN: Mambo In der Sürst 3

Biomöbel Bonn

An der Margarethenkirche 31 53117 Bonn-Graurheindorf Tel: 0228-33 62 966 www.biomoebelbonn.de

53111 Bonn

Tel: 0228-9 84 40 www.mambo-moebel.de

KÖLN: Ahrendt Küchenkonzept (kitchen)


Subbelrather Str. 341

Neumarkt 12 50667 Köln

50825 Köln

Tel: 0221-31 06 07 0 www.ahrendt-kuechen.de

Tel: 0221-9 20 15 00 www.habitat.net

Ikea (2 x in Cologne)

Höffner (former Rösrather Möbelzentrum)

Godorfer Hauptstr. 171 + Butzweilerstr. 51

Auf-der-Grefenfurth 5

50997 + 50829 Köln

51503 Rösrath (around 25 km from Cologne

Tel: 0180-5 35 34 35 / 0180-5 35 34 33 and Bonn www.ikea.de

Tel: 02205-7 30 www.hoeffner.de

Möbel Hausmann Hansestr. 51-53

Porta + Möbel Boss (Boss=cheaper + lower

quality than Porta) Frankfurter Str. 50

51149 Köln

Tel: 02203-9 04 20

51147 Köln


Tel: 02203-60 30 www.porta.de / www.moebel-boss.de

Roller Max-Planck-Str. 5 50858 Köln Tel: 02234-98 83 10 www.roller.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Hardware Stores BONN: OBI Bau - und Heimwerkermarkt


Godesberger Str. 63

Christian-Lassen-Str. 4

53175 Bonn

53117 Bonn

Tel: 0228-95 05 60

Tel: 0228-55 90 00 www.praktiker.de


KÖLN: Bauhaus

Obi Bau - und Heimwerkermarkt

Theodor-Heuss-Str. 80-86

Frankfurter Str. 194

51149 Köln

51065 Köln

Tel: 02203-29 74 80 www.bauhaus.info

Tel: 0221-96 94 50


Obi Bau - und Heimwerkermarkt


Otto-Hahn-Str. 6-8

Salierring 47-53

50997 Köln

50677 Köln

Tel: 02236- 3 22 80

Tel: 0221-92 13 88-0 www.bauhaus.info Toom Baumarkt Bernkasteler Str. 77 Tel: 0221-13 97 58 10 www.toom-baumarkt.de 50969 Köln



Escher Str. 165 50739 Köln

Tel: 0221-9 17 45 60 www.praktiker.de

Specialized Stores BONN: The British Shop Auf dem Steinbüchel 6 53340 Meckenheim

Tel: 02225-8 80 81 00 www.the-british-shop.de KÖLN: English Shop Tel: 0221-2 57 85 55 www.english-shop.com Hoss an der Oper (international Specialites) An St. Agatha 41 50667 Köln

Doremi (Asian Supermarket) Unter Krähnenbäumen 68

50668 Köln

Tel: 0221-5 70 28 39

SOLERA (Spanish Specialties) Mathias Brüggen Str. 1

Breite Str. 25-27

50827 Köln

50667 Köln

Tel: 0221-31 21 65 www.solera-koeln.de

Tel: 0221-2 57 73 93 www.hoss-delikatessen.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Car rental BONN: Europcar


Potsdamer Platz 7

Am Hauptbahnhof 1

53119 Bonn

53111 Bonn

Tel: 0228-604340 www.europcar.de Sixt Koblenzer Str. 109 53177 Bonn Tel: 0228-9329 9532 www.sixt.de KÖLN: Europcar Willy-Brandt-Platz 2 Tel: 0221-9 81 03 90 www.europcar.de Sixt Widdersdorfer Str. 369 50933 Köln Tel: 01805-252525 www.sixt.de 50668 Köln

Tel: 0228-20 15 30



Breslauer Platz 2 – Four Points Hotel Central

50679 Köln

Tel: 0221 13970941


Car repair BONN: A.T.U. Clemensstr. 96 53225 Bonn


Hochstadenring 1

53119 Bonn

Tel: 0180-52727582

Tel: 0228-69 32 41 www.pit-stop.de




Frankfurter Str. 751 A

Olpener Str. 169

51149 Köln

51103 Köln

Tel: 0180-52 72 71 79

Tel: 0221-8 70 31 81 www.pit-stop.de


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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Public Transportation Germany is proud of its public transportation which is swift, efficient and reliable. It is possible to go almost everywhere in the city and the suburbs by bus, tram or if available by underground. BONN The bus and tram network within the city are run by the SWB – Stadtwerke Bonn (www.swb- busundbahn.de). The network for travelling into the surrounding areas is operated by the VRS – Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (www.vrsinfo.de - English version available). A Short Trip Ticket (Kurzstrecke) can be used for 4 stations and is valid for 20 minutes. An individual ticket (Einzelticket) can be used for one route with transfers. It is not valid for returns or excursions. There are other numerous ticket and various pass options available. More information is provided at the SWB customer service centres: Poststr. 2 Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 7 pm Sat 9 am - 2 pm SWB-Verkaufsstelle Bad Godesberg Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Alte Bahnhofstr. 22a Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 7 pm Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 7 pm Sat 9 am - 2 pm Sat 9 am - 2 pm KÖLN The bus and tram network within the city are run by the KVB – Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (www.kvb-koeln.de). The network for travelling into the surrounding areas is operated by the VRS – Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (www.vrsinfo.de - English version available). A short trip ticket (Kurzstrecke) can be used for 4 stations and is valid for 20 min. An individual ticket (Einzelticket) can be used for one route with interruptions. It is not valid for returns or excursions though. There are other numerous ticket and various pass options available. More information is provided at the Rheinbahn/VRR customer service centres: Kundencenter Ehrenfeld Kundencenter Neumarkt Ehrenfeldgürtel 14 HUGO Passage 50823 Köln Station Neumarkt Station Venloer Str./Gürtel Mon-Fri 8 am – 8 pm Mon-Fri 8 am – 6:30 pm Sat 8:30 am – 6 pm Sat 8:30 am – 2 pm Kundencenter Mülheim Kundencenter im Westforum Wiener Platz Scheidtweilerstr. 38 51065 Köln 50933 Köln Station Mühlheim, Wiener Platz Station Aachenerstr./Gürtel Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 7 pm Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm The railway system (DB-Deutsche Bahn) in Germany connects the major cities by Intercity Express (ICE) and Intercity (IC) trains. Regional trains (IRE, RE, RB) operate in the smaller cities and towns. A number of different types of train tickets and passes are available. Deutsche Bahn 24-hour information hotline Tel: 0180-5 99 66 33 www.bahn.de (English version available) Sat 8:30 am – 2 pm German Rail

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Taxi Taxis can be ordered by phone or hired at taxi ranks. Waiting time will also be charged. In case a taxi is needed early in the morning it is advisable to order it the evening before. Taxi Bonn Tel: 0228-55 55 55 and 0228-1 94 10 www.taxibonn.de Taxiruf Köln

Tel: 0221-28 82 www.taxiruf.de Taxi-Bus-Köln Tel: 0221-8 87 52 28 Mobile: 0172-6 45 73 63 www.taxibuskoeln.de

Postal Services The German postal service is quite reliable and efficient though rather expensive compared to other countries. Domestic letters should normally be delivered within one day. Stamps can be purchased at the post office, at vending machines outside the post office and often in newspaper stores. The public post boxes are yellow. Most post offices open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., some smaller offices may close for lunch. Main post offices have extended opening hours. Below a list of the main post offices in Munich: The Deutsche Post publishes its rates and restrictions in a booklet called ‘Service- Informationen’, which is available at all post offices. The same information in English is provided at the Deutsche Post’s website: www.deutschepost.de (English version available). Look for “prices and facts survey”.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Pets For information the Staatliches Veterinäramt (State Veterinary Office) can be contacted: Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung Thielallee 88-92 14195 Berlin Tel: 030-8 41 20 Fax: 030-84 12 47 41 www.bfr.bund.de (also English version available) Veterinärwesen Ordnungsamt Kleyerstraße 86

60326 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 (0)69 212 47099 Fax: +49 (0)69 212 47027 E-Mail: veterinaerangelegenheiten@stadt-frankfurt.de Bundesamt für Naturschutz Information about importing exotic animals Konstantinstr. 110 53179 Bonn

Tel.: 0228 - 84 91-0 Fax: 030 - 8 49 12 00 www.bfn.de (English version available)

Public Holidays Additional holidays that vary from state to state within Germany:

Epiphany, January 6

Heilige Drei Könige Christi Himmelfahrt

Ascension (also German Father’s Day) Corpus Christi (11 days after Whit Sunday)


Reformation Day, October 31 All Saints’ Day, November 1



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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Social Life Local Magazines and Tourist Guides for More Information People in Germany like to be active in their leisure time. Bonn and Köln offer quite a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars. Many tastes are cared for. Local magazines or special Going-Out- Guides are informative about current events or places to go out, which can often be obtained in newspaper or book shops. + Prinz (www.prinz.de) – ‘off the beaten track’ life and entertainment information + www.bonn-region.de (English version available) + www.koeln.de (English version available) You may also contact the local tourist offices to find out about local events, guided tours etc. BONN: Bonn-Information Tourismus AND Congress Windeckstr. 1 Adenauerallee 131 53111 Bonn 53113 Bonn Tel: 0228-77 50 00 Tel: 0228-91 04 10 Fax: 0228-77 50 77 Fax: 0228-9 10 41 11 E-mail: bonninformation@bonn.de E-mail: info@bonn-region.de KÖLN: Köln Tourismus Inside Cologne Unter Fettenhennen 19 Bismarckstr. 70 50667 Köln 50672 Köln Tel: 0221-19433 Tel: 0221-52 19 77 Tel hotline: 0221-221 304 00 E-mail: contact@insidecologne.de Mo-Fr 8 am - 6pm / Sa 9 am - 3pm www.insidecologne.de www.koeln.de/cologne_tourist_information www.cologne-tourism.com Stattreisen Köln

Bürgerstr. 4 50667 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 7 32 51 13 Fax: 0221 – 73 25 302 E-Mail: info@stattreisen-koeln.de www.stattreisen-koeln.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Eating and Drinking Cafés BONN: CAFÈ IM KUNSTMUSEUM Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2 53113 Bonn

Tel: 0228-23 00 59 www.cafekumu.de KÖLN: KAP AM SÜDKAI (BISTRO, BAR, LOUNGE)


Agrippinawerft 30

Zülpicher Str. 24

50678 Köln

50674 Köln

Tel: 0221-35 68 33 33 www.kapamsuedkai.de PEPPERMINT Hohenstaufenring 23

Tel: 0221-240 27 50

TAG- UND NACHTCAFÉ Hohenstaufenring 11

50674 Köln

50674 Köln

Tel: 0221-2401929

Tel: 0221 – 245754

4 CANI Benesisstr. 61 50672 Köln Tel: 0221-257 40 85 www.4cani.com Pubs BONN: BIERHAUS MACHOLD

BRAUHAUS BÖNNSCH Sterntorbrücke 4 53111 Bonn Tel: 0228 – 65 06 10 www.boennsch.de

Heerstr. 52 53111 Bonn

Tel: 0228-96 37 877



GAFFEL HAUS Alter Markt 20-22 Tel: 0221-257 76 92 www.gaffel-haus.de 50667 Köln

Am Hof 12-18 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-26 130 www.frueh.de

HAXENHAUS ZUM RHEINGARTEN Frankenwerft 19 50667 Köln Tel: 0221-947 24 00 www.haxenhaus.de Restaurants BONN: DA CAPO (INTERNATIONAL CUISINE)



Markt 4

53111 Bonn

53111 Bonn

Tel: 0228 – 65 11 78 www.dacapo-bonn.de

Tel: 0228 – 69 00 09 www.em-hoettche.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide



Andernacher Str. 2

Gladbacher Str. 11

50968 Köln

50672 Köln

Tel: 0221-398 03 19 www.osteria-paolo.de

Tel: 0221-51 55 06



EM KRÜTZCHE (GERMAN) Am Frankenturm 1-3

Unter Sachsenhausen 10-26

50667 Köln

50667 Köln

Tel: 0221-13 30 21

Tel: 0221-258 08 39 www.em-kruetzche.de





Hahnenstr. 37 50667 Köln

Sömmeringstr. 48

50823 Köln

Tel: 0221-92 07 10 www.vintage-wine.de TAJ-MAHAL (INDIAN) An St. Agatha 27

Tel: 0221-510 71 62



Koblenzer Str. 1-9

50667 Köln

50968 Köln

Tel: 0221-258 03 36

Tel: 0221-34 25 66 www.chinatown-koeln.de



Aachener Str. 17

Neuhöfferst. 32 50679 Köln Tel: 0221-814 755

50674 Köln

Tel: 0221-222 15 90 www.sumo-restaurant.de EL GAUCHO (ARGENTINE) Barbarossaplatz 4a 50674 Köln


Tel: 0221-24 67 97 www.el-gaucho.de

Alcohol and Smoking You have to be over the age of 16 to be allowed to purchase alcohol and over the age of 18 to purchase high-percentage drinks. Smoking is allowed from the age of 18. In almost all areas of public life there is a smoking ban in Germany. In public institutions smoking is strictly forbidden, including public buildings, health and social services, all educational, sports facilities, all cultural and leisure facilities as well as all airports, subway stations and restaurants. Also it is forbidden to smoke in all public transportation, including taxis. On railway stations and in some insituations, smoking is only allowed in separate and restricted areas. If these areas are not available, smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking is normally only allowed in separate "smoking rooms". There are also some so-called "smoking pubs". In health facilities, such as hospitals and educational facilities, no smoking rooms are allowed. There are only little exceptions in individual cases, such as from palliative, therapeutic or psychiatric reasons, and traditional events. Please be aware that the non-smoking law may vary in some areas in Germany. Please note that fines can normally be anywhere between € 5 and € 5,000.

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Tipping In Germany, a tip is already included in the invoice. Nevertheless, giving a tip is common and expected. Usually, approx. 10% of the invoice amount is given, even after only purchasing a drink. Sports Sport is very popular in Germany. Many sports clubs offer either leisure sport or competing sports The ‘Gelbe Seiten’ (www.gelbeseiten.de), the local classified directory provides most of the addresses of sport clubs and fitness centers. Sometimes the local authorities also provide a booklet with an overview of sport opportunities in town. There are also many clubs for other interests. In many cities the expatriate’s community has established its own club. Therefore please check the chapter on “useful websites”. American Football GAMECOCKS Am Steg 1b

53757 St. Augustin Tel: 02241-311308 www.gamecocks.de Baseball BONN CAPITALS Tel: 0228-93299608 www.capitals.de


Maarweg 64

50933 Köln Tel: 0221 - 543234 www.colognecardinals.com

Basketball BONN: TELEKOM BASKETS BONN Celsiusstr. 43 53125 Bonn Tel: 0228-25 90 20 www.telekom-baskets-bonn.de KÖLN: BSG-ALLIANZ-KÖLN Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 31 50672 Köln Tel: 0175-4328412 www.bsg-koeln.de Dancing BONN: LEPEHNE UND HERBST

TANZHAUS BONN Gartenstr. 102

Belderberg 24 53113 Bonn

53225 Bonn

Tel: 0228-63 02 91 www.lepehne-herbst.de

Tel: 0228-46 22 88 www.tanzhaus-bonn.de

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

KÖLN: TANZSCHULE BREUER Mauritiussteinweg 90-92


Salierring 33 50677 Köln

50676 Köln

Tel: 0221-21 61 61 www.tanzbreuer.de

Tel: 0221-233 233


TANZSCHULE VAN HASSELT Karl-Schwering-Platz 4-6 50931 Köln Tel: 0221-40 19 71 www.vanhasselt.de Fitness BONN: FITNESS FIRST Tel: 0228 - 94 89 00 www.fitnessfirst.de KÖLN: BUSHIDO FITNESS Mittelstr. 12-14 Tel: 0221 - 25 58 99 www.bushido-fitness.de PULS FITNESS CLUB Kennedy-Ufer 2a Golf BONN: GOLF COURSE BONN – GUT GROSSENBUSCH Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 100 53757 Sankt Augustin Tel: 02241 - 39 880 www.golf-course-bonn.de KÖLN: CLARK’S GOLF WORLD Markt 13-21 53111 Bonn 50672 Köln 50679 Köln Tel: 0221 - 828 12 34 www.cologne.regency.hyatt.de

MCFIT - 24 HOURS Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10

53113 Bonn

Tel: 0228 - 24 29 134



Amsterdamer Str. 133a

50735 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 702 11 20 www.justfit-clubs.de SPORTCENTER KAUTZ Rhöndorferstr. 10-13 Tel: 0221 - 41 10 92 www.sportcenter-kautz.de 50939 Köln


Schlossallee 1 53913 Swisttal-Miel Tel: 02226 - 100 50



Parallelweg 1 50769 Köln

Hahnenstr. 50259 Pulheim

Tel: 0221 - 78 40 18 www.clarks-golfworld.de

Tel: 02238 - 92 39 00 www.gutlaerchenhof.de



Frankfurter Str. 320


51147 Köln

50968 Köln

Tel: 02203 - 62334 www.ssz-wahn.de

Tel: 0221 - 38 40 53


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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Horse Riding BONN: REITSCHULE HANNELORE HEISS Horse Riding School Wiesenau 3 53343 Wachtberg Tel: 0228 - 932 38 89 www.reitschule-heiss.de KÖLN: LÄNDLICHER REITVEREIN E.V. KÖLN

REITSCHULE FN Horse Riding School Aachener Str. 800

Horse Riding Club Schlagbaumsweg 15 Tel: 0221 - 69 75 85 www.lrvkoeln.de 51067 Köln

50933 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 947 24 67 www.reitschule-fn-koeln.de

Soccer BONN: FV PREUSSEN BONN 1912 wittestr. 53225 Bonn Tel: 0228 - 47 04 05 www.preussenbonn.de KÖLN: 1. FC Köln Tel: 0221 - 943 64 30 www.fc-koeln.de Tennis BONN: Blau-Weiß Duisdorf e.V. Wesselheideweg 77 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 - 646614 www.tennis-bonn.de KÖLN: Tennis Blau / Weiss e.V. Tel: 0221 - 43 35 67 www.blau-weiss-koeln.de VKC Tennisclub e.V. Alfred-Schütte-Allee 51 51105 Köln Tel: 0221 - 830 36 73 www.vkc-koeln.de Cluballee 1 50937 Köln Tennis Club Neuenhöferallee 69 50935 Köln

Bunte Liga

Soccer League



Tennis School

Hammerschmidtstr. 66

50999 Köln

Cell: 0179 - 466 82 79

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Köln and Bonn City Guide

Local Recreation (Amusement Park, Garden, Zoo etc.) BONN: PHANTASIALAND SEA LIFE Amusement Park Aquarium Berggeiststr. 31-40 Rheinallee 8 50321 Brühl 53639 Königswinter Tel: 01805 - 366 200 Tel: 01805 - 66 69 01 01 www.phantasialand.de www.sealifeeurope.com KÖLN: AQUALAND CLAUDIUS THERME Swimming and Sauna Sauna and Wellness Merianstr. 1 Sachsenbergstr. 1 50769 Köln 50679 Köln Tel: 0221 – 702 80 Tel: 0221 – 98 14 40 www.aqualand.de www.claudius-therme.de MAURITIUS THERME BOTANIC GARDEN Sauna and Wellness Amsterdamer Str. 34 Mauritiuskirchplatz 3-11 50735 Köln 50676 Köln Tel: 0221 - 560 890

Tel: 0221 - 924 13 - 0 www.mauritius-ht.de FINKENS GARTEN


Nature Adventure Park for children

Zoo and Botanic Garden Schillingsrotterstr. 100

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 49

50996 Köln

50996 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 285 73 64

Tel: 0221 - 35 43 25

WILDPARK DÜNNWALD Dünnwalder Mauspfad


Riehlerstr. 173 50735 Köln

51069 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 60 13 07

Tel: 01805 - 280101 www.zoo-koeln.de

www.zoo-infos.de/set.html?/ zoos/217.html

OTHER: WARNER BROTHERS MOVIE WORLD Amusement Park Warner Allee 1 46244 Bottrop-Kirchhellen

Tel: 02045 - 899 0 www.movieworld.de

Cinemas BONN: KINOPOLIS Moltkestr. 7-9

Stern Bonn (cinestar)

Markt 8-10 53111 Bonn

53173 Bonn – Bad Godesberg

Tel: 0228 - 83 00 84

Tel: 0228 - 65 40 00 www.cinestar.de


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Köln and Bonn City Guide

KÖLN: Cinedom

Metropolis Ebertplatz 19 50668 Köln

Im Mediapark 1 50670 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 95 195 195 www.cinedom.de Residenzfilmtheater Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 30 Tel: 0221 – 13 48 21 www.ufakino.de 50672 Köln

Tel: 0221-722 436 www.metropolis-koeln.de

UCI Hürth

Theresienhöhe 50354 Hürth Tel: 02233 - 97933 www.uci-kinowelt.de

International Bookshops MAYERSCHE BUCHHANDLUNG


Neumarkt 2 50667 Köln

Hauptbahnhof Trankgasse 11

50667 Köln

Tel: 0221 - 20 30 70 www.mayersche.de THALIA-GONSKI Neumarkt 18a 50667 Köln Tel: 0221 - 209 090 www.thalia.de

Tel. 0221 - 139 3717 www.lesen-mit-ludwig.de

Libraries BONN: CENTRAL LIBRARY BONN Zentralbibliothek Bottlerplatz 1 53111 Bonn Tel: 0228 - 77 45 70 KÖLN: CENTRAL LIBRARY KÖLN Zentralbibliothek der Stadt Köln

And other libraries in suburbs.



Josef-Haubrich-Hof 1

Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln

50676 Köln

Universitätsstr. 33

Tel: 0221 – 2 21 23 828 Fax: 0221 – 2 21 23 790 www.stbib-koeln.de

50931 Köln

Tel: 0221 – 4 70 23 74 www.ub.uni-koeln.de


ART MUSEUM BONN Kunstmuseum Bonn Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2

Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Willy-Brandt-Allee 14

53113 Bonn

53113 Bonn

Tel: 0228 - 77 62 60

Tel: 0228 – 9 16 50



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Köln and Bonn City Guide

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