Bullard QXT Thermal Imager


To record video using the DVR, press and hold the RIGHT button for approximately (3) seconds. A red dot indicates recording. To stop recording, press and hold the RIGHT button again.

When the battery is below 25% of charge, the imager disables the DVR to save energy and extend operating time. This is indicated by a black "X" being drawn over the red dot. This indication will also be seen for 8 seconds upon startup while the DVR initializes.

The DVR has 8 GB of memory, which stores about 5.5 hours of video. When full, the DVR overwrites the oldest file available. Videos are recorded in 3 minute segment files. Videos can be retrieved by connecting the imager to a computer via USB. The DVR operates like any external flash or hard drive. When USB is connected an icon will appear on the screen.

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