2016 Principal's Post May Edition


As a parent I am always striving to provide my children them with the best opportunity to achieve and to be the best person possible. In each of my conversationS with you, it appears as if we are all endeavouring to do the same. At our College ‘every student counts’!!!! Our Catholic Learning Community is in a unique position to address this goal, as we are a purpose built site, designed with a focus on the future. We have amazing facilities, we have a contemporary pedagogy which is agile for us to address 21st Century learners’ needs and a committed staff. ‘So what does the future look like?’ A paper by Foundations for Young Australians (FYA) titled ‘The New Basics: Big Data reveals the skills young people need for the NewWork Order’, seeks to provide an insight into the skills required by our students; your children. The paper talks about ‘enterprise skills’ (these skills link closely with our Principles of Learning). It is these skills that will allow our students to not only be productive members of our society and to make a difference in their world, but it will provide a meaningful purpose to their education.


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“Educating our children today to nurture in them hope, courage and the capacity to be Christian leaders of tomorrow.” ’

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