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Collision Corner Platinum Plus: The genuine alternative for customers who demand OE quality L aunched in 2012, Platinum Plus was the first range in the UK to cover body panels and bumpers under of Matching Quality’ to support your customer’s compliance to BS10125 and PAS125. The easiest way to tell if a part is

For more information on Platinum Plus, please contact Damien Oakden: Cisco: 7108 – 951 damien.oakden@eurocarparts.com

one brand. Bestsellers include: bonnets, wings, front panels, cross-members, bumper reinforcements and slam panels. A comprehensive lighting range (including headlamps, fog lamps and rear lamps) was added in 2014. All Platinum Plus products are fully approved by an independent certification company (Thatcham in the UK, TUV in Germany, CZ in Spain or CAPA in the US). Indeed, Platinum Plus is the UK’s only Thatcham-approved programme. Compliant with EU regulations, and manufactured at approved and inspected facilities, all Platinum Plus parts come with a lifetime warranty. We operate a ‘no quibble’ returns policy and can provide a ‘Certificate

from our Platinum Plus Range is to check the last digit of the part number. If the last digit of any part number for a Bodypart or Light is ‘5’ then it’s Platinum Plus.

Brake Clinic

Braking Profiling Investment

O ver the few weeks, the re-profiled 3 different branches, one branch in the north and two branches in south, with an additional 800 lines going into these branches. Popular part numbers have also been reviewed and profiled accordingly, if there are gaps. Following on from the successful tender for BT Fleet, the profiling has also been reviewed to ensure maximum coverage for this customer. WHAT DO YOU LOOK AT? When profiling, the braking team look at the following points: • Gap analysis against brands – for example Eicher is profiled, Pagid will also be profiled. • New to range products which are suitable for the particular branch/size • Emerging part numbers where sales have increased braking team have been looking at branch profiling, this week alone, they have

• VOR/Lost Sales analysis for the specific branch HOW CAN A BRANCH REQUEST A PROFILING? There are two ways, if there is more depth required, then this should go through to the inventory team. If there are additional SKUs (Stock Keep Units) required, then this should be e-mailed through to the Braking PM team. The team are currently working on a few profile requests, but are keen to hear if branches require additional profiling. The request should come from the Branch Manager or Operations Manager. They need to inform the team approximately how many additional SKUs of each product group and /or brand the branch can accommodate. This enables the team to understand the requirements of the branch – they are unaware of space available in the branch, so the branch need to help them. The branch idea of “A lot of room” will be different than the braking PM team.

REMEMBER! • If a part number doesn’t sell, the profiling of that part number will be removed. • Lost sales help branches with their profiling – please try to log ALL lost sales where possible. • VOR is only classed as demand when items are either sold, or lost sales are logged. • You need 3 demands (a combination of a sale or lost sale) within 12 months for the part number to automatically profile into the branch. • There are parameters in place which will find false demand. Manager or Operations Manager to contact the braking PM team: Aaron Spencer aaron.spencer@eurocarparts.com Ehsan Arabalizadeh ehsan@eurocarparts.com If you have any profiling requests, get your Branch

New to Range: Bosch DCU 100 Workshop Solutions

C hoose Bosch, your car already has! We have added a new product to our Bosch range, the DCU 100, the tablet PC specifically designed for the use in automotive workshops. DCU 100 (Diagnostic Control Unit) is the perfect companion to work with Bosch diagnostic software ESi[tronic] 2.0, and

technologies are introduced or new diagnostic technology is needed, with a modular system you can just add the new technology module to your arsenal of tools. This has already proven particularly useful, for example, with the FSA500 module Hybrid Vehicles frequently use higher voltages than standard combustion engine vehicles, if you had

another unit you would have to replace the whole thing. The DCU 100 comes with Windows POSReady 7 installed as an operating system, integrated hand grips on both sides of the device, a sturdy 10” housing with touch screen monitor, built in high performance Bluetooth and WLAN, and a powerful lithium-ion battery included, this is designed for mobile working! The DCU 100 can be used in conjunction with the

the diagnostic testing modules from the KTS series. Modular working has great benefits, as opposed to replacing the whole unit when new software/ hardware is released, the modular nature of the Bosch

KTS5xx series, this is the perfect addition to your Bosch equipment. For more information please contact the Workshop Solutions team or Fred Muraya: 0208 782 2592 fred.muraya@ eurocarparts.com

diagnostic range means that you can upgrade

just the out of date part. Additionally, when new

Did you know? Steering Column Switches

Y ou don’t need to go to the dealer! Many customers believe steering column switches must be sourced from the main dealer. For many popular applications Euro Car Parts can actually offer an OE Quality unit from stock! The range consists of, a full range of French & Italian options, an ever increasing range of Ford and Vauxhall applications, VAG units having recently been introduced into range. All are already in stock around ECP branches. The steering column switch set up on each vehicle is slightly different, below are the variations:

1. Indicator or Wiper

switch sold separately 2. Central clock spring module only 3. Complete module Each vehicle also has different options from the factory which dictates which unit needs to be supplied. This ranges from automatic wipers & lights, Foglamps and cruise control. Because of multiple options from the factory it can leave many customers in the aftermarket confused as to which unit needs to be supplied. Asking dozens of questions to the customer on which options the vehicle has or hasn’t got is not necessary. The correct unit

can be identified using the OE number linked to the chassis number of the vehicle. This can be sourced via the various catalogues at our disposal. For assistance in identifying the correct unit or any other questions please contact Webchat team or Product Manager William Allum: Cisco: 7001-560 william.allum@eurocarparts.com

R134a Bottles - we are still losing MONEY… AirCon Station


MYTH: R134a Bottles from BOC Gases FACT: Euro Car Parts has never purchased R134a Gas from BOC Gases, so we should not accept any bottles from customers with BOC bottles for a surcharge credit. MYTH: R134a Disposable Bottles FACT: These bottles are NOT refillable and are now illegal to sell in the UK, once we have accepted these bottles back they are only good for SCRAP metal. MYTH: R134a from A-Gas Bottles FACT: Euro Car Parts has never purchased R134a Gas from A-Gas, so we should not accept any bottles from customers with A-Gas bottles for surcharge Credit.


We are getting confused when returning R134a surcharged cylinders. Below are the four part numbers that cover these surcharge units. When a bottle is returned for credit it must follow the correct procedure. • Customer must have a copy of the original invoice. • The cylinder must be checked to see if it is the correct bottle against the part number on the invoice (please see below for help). • Credit is then raised against the original Invoice (Return period for bottle 12 months from point of sale) • The correct surcharge part number is then credited against the original invoice. • CR credit raised if past the K8 transaction history limit. We must make sure the above is done correctly. This will help get our own cylinders back on shelf at a competitive price!

241 77 0010 R134a Gas 12Kg Returnable Cylinder 241 77 0013 is the correct surcharge part number to use when returning the old cylinder. Cylinder Help: Euro Car Parts cylinders, have a white label that can be found just below the single valve (tap), and the information on the white sticker refers batch/ production dates, light blue in colour. 241 77 0090 R134a Gas 13.6Kg Returnable Cylinder 241 77 0093 is the correct surcharge part number to use when returning the old cylinder. Cylinder Help: National Refrigerants cylinders, these have a white/ green label that can be found just below the single valve (tap), the information on the Sticker refers to National Logo/batch/production dates, and the cylinder also has a bar code Lightish blue in colour.

Once you have identified the bottle you can proceed with the credit process, remember to adhere to the process already mentioned in this article about crediting of bottles! For more information on Gas Bottles, please contact Aaron McFarlane: Cisco: 7001 - 595 aaron.macfarlane@eurocarparts.com 241 77 0100 R134a Gas 13.6Kg Returnable Cylinder 241 77 0103 is the correct surcharge part number to use when returning the old cylinder. Cylinder Help: Another Euro Car Parts cylinder, these have a white label that can be found just below the single valve (tap), and the information on the white sticker refers batch/production. Ocean blue in colour or Green.

New To Range

Audi A4 2000 to 2008 Front Knuckles

I n Automotive suspension, the knuckle is the part that connects the hub and wheel assembly to the suspension components. A knuckle essentially ensures the wheel is held in a stable plane of motion as it rotates. The knuckle is also known as, an upright or hub carrier and varies with suspension design and drive layout (FWD, RWD or AWD). On the Audi A4 all four suspension arms, tie rods and the wheel bearing are connected to the knuckle. If any of these components are being replaced due to a collision, be sure to advise your customer to check the knuckle for damage. Also, the A4 four-link suspension system is extremely sensitive to imbalances and light impacts such has hitting a kerb can indirectly cause the knuckle

to bend slightly. This will be enough to affect the wheel alignment which cannot be corrected until the knuckle has been replaced. Euro Car Parts stock a substantial range of A4 knuckles, applications and part numbers below: APPLICATIONS: Audi A4 MK2 (B6) 00-04 and MK3 (B7) 04-08 both with and without Sports Suspension

PART NUMBERS: 622 44 0040 (Left) 622 44 0060 (Right)

For more information regarding Audi A4 knuckles please contact Kulbir Bamrah: Cisco: 7001 – 522 kulbir.bamrah@eurocarparts.com

EBC Brakes: The Best Stuff

E BC started developing a successful run in Europe, EBC expanded to the US in the mid – 80s. Now EBC Brakes have become a world leader in sport, high performance and race brake pads and disc/rotors with a massive range of products. EBC produces 100% of its brake pad range in its own factories in the UK and USA, and this is the product range that Euro Car Parts have to offer: GREENSTUFF: The Greenstuff series is regarded as a first level brake improvement over stock and can deliver up to 15% improvement in stopping power. Designed for Premium Street driving offering a better brake effect up to 600°C. REDSTUFF: EBC’s flagship street brake pad for cars above 200BHP. Redstuff ceramic brake the world’s first aftermarket range of products in 1979, starting in Europe. After

pads have always been known for its low dust ability, Redstuff offers a staggering 30% brake improvement. YELLOWSTUFF: EBC Yellowstuff pads are used on the UK Silverstone Race Track Drivers experience cars because of their high performance and longevity. The EBC Yellowstuff compound is a true winner all round, it has high friction from cold, not requiring warm up for street use yet when loaded up and really hot the brakes just get better. For the track day driver that also uses their vehicle on the road. BLUESTUFF: Bluestuff Intermediate grade Trackday pads are high friction sport and race material perfect for trackday enthusiasts. However they are still road legal allowing the user to drive home on them after the fun has ended.

ORANGESTUFF: EBC’s Orangestuff is the go-to pad for Track use. This is a full race pad and is only allowed for track use, you can benefit from 40% better braking even from cold. The Orangestuff pad comes with better fade resistance when rotors are glowing red. Look out for our EBC brake promotion which is due to land very soon, for more information, as always contact our Performance Team: Justin Wasling: Cisco: 7001 – 545 justin.wasling@eurocarparts.com David Kracke: Cisco: 7001 – 466 david.kracke@eurocarparts.com

Klarius VOR Ordering

In April we rolled Klarius VOR Ordering out to all branches, as a refresh, please absorb the below. Klarius Exhaust VOR orders have moved away from the NDC to Klarius direct. There are two main reasons for this: 1. The volume of exhaust VOR’s received by the NDC are at such a massive level that the NDC is struggling to cope 2. The NDC is extremely short of space. As Klarius already deliver stock

orders to the branch network on a daily basis, it makes sense for them to deliver your VOR’s direct as well. This means that you will have to place VOR orders directly with Klarius through the SOP screen. The process is simple but it does require a little effort to begin with. Start by checking stock on ECPedia. Then, once you have confirmed that the stock is available, go to the SOP screen on K8 to place the order. Details for both steps are available in the Operations area of ECPedia.

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