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Salesforce Tower 61 Floors, 1.42 MSF

Salesforce Tower, currently under construction, will be the tallest office building on the West Coast.

We created a comprehensive marketing campaign across a wide range of visual and media touch points. The deliverables were tailored to 3 key audiences… Tenants / brokers as well as the community at large. We worked Boston Properties and Hines (and external third party vendors) in developing the visual identity for the Tower. Once we defined the brand and the core positioning for Salesforce Tower, we carried that tone and messaging across all media. Although our campaign was across multiple channels (print & digital advertising, PR, video, Social media PR, etc.) what made the campaign work was the strategic combination of these various tactics with consistent messaging and relevant timing.


Ville Kansanen

San Francisco / West


The marketing collateral and certain branding ele- ments were created exclusively for Salesforce Tower, and are unique and propriety to this project. Please refrain from using aspects of this branding for other projects. For additional information, please contact Ville Kansanen or Robin Addams.

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