The Oregon Real Estate Agency is required by law to publish disciplinary actions. The final order for each action can be viewed by clicking on the individual names listed below. Please note that there are individuals with real estate licenses that may have similar or the same names as those listed below, even in the same market area. If you are in doubt if an individual listed here is someone you know or with whom you are working, please contact the Agency for verification. S t i p u l a t e d s e t t l eme n t s d o n o t n e c e s s a r i l y re f l e c t a l l t h e f a c t u a l violations initially alleged by the Agency. Sanctions may have been adjust- ed as part of the negotiation process. Such settlements may not, therefore, directly compare in severity/sanction with other cases. REVOCATION Administrative Actions November 15, 2016 through January 20, 2017 Your Own Real Estate Continued from page 1 • Disclose you have a license in all advertising and in the first written document of agreement. • Place all funds into an escrow in this state. • Maintain all documents for 6 years. 4. If you are part owner in a corporation or other legal entity that is buying or selling property, you must disclose that you are licensed if : • You own at least 5% of the entity, and • You participate in real estate nego- tiations on behalf of the entity. Agency Participates in Food Drive The staff of the Oregon Real EstateAgency is participating in the 2017 Governor’s State Employees Food Drive. The food drive, taking place during the month of February, is the largest food drive benefiting the Oregon Food Bank Network and its regional food banks. In 2016, Agency staff, joined by the Real Estate Board, donated the equivalent of 6876 pounds of food.

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Principal Broker 201208284. Default order dated January 18, 2017, including $1,500 civil penalty. McIver, Benjamin F. (Eugene) Property Manager 990800144. Default order dated January 20, 2017, including $10,000 civil penalty. REPRIMAND Forhan, Anthony M. (Portland) Property Manager 200805072. Stiplulated order dat- ed November 29, 2016, including $1,600 civil penalty and education.

Hillendahl, Lane E. (Cottage Grove) Principal Broker 200506313. Stipulated order dated December 2, 2016. Dugas, Stephanie L. (Cottage Grove) Broker 200601098. Default order dated December 20, 2016. Buckley, Charles Steve (Toledo) Princpal Broker 811100166. Default order dated January 3, 2017. Gregg, Richard E. (Mission Viejo, CA)

Mesheal Heyman, Editor Vol. 71, No. 1 February 2017

February 2017

Oregon Real Estate News-Journal


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