ANNE and JEFF STANFIELD’S grandchildren are having fun at Frenchman’s Creek. Pictured to the left are: Becca and Charlie Friedman. To the right are Becca Friedman, Ben Stanfield and Charlie Friedman enjoying golf!

Our Birder Dr. Gleiber brings this unusual picture to us this issue. It is a Cormorant sitting on top of a decoy duck. He thought it was different and a clever resting spot.

Perhaps you saw this in the Wall Street Journal, Monday, December 5, 2016.

“Running with a Plan,” featured HOWARD WINER’S daughter,

Lauren Marcus. Lauren was a runner most of her life, however, like many, she felt this made up for a poor diet. Fast forward to today when she has changed her diet to fresh foods and a Vegan diet and feels much healthier- more energy and ability to sleep better. To keep her in her morning routine, she adopted a rescue puppy, Benny. They run three days a week in Central Park.

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