2022 Sheltowee Annual Report

Our Visions for Tomorrow In the coming months of 2023, the Sheltowee team will continue to build our capabilities as we filter, focus and build trust. Some of our goals for 2023 are: • Complete organizational and financial structure fortification for the Sheltowee Network • Launch comprehensive marketing and communications program • Double the number of Sheltowee Angel Network members • Generate $1 million of revenue through the Sheltowee Business Network • Generate $750,000 in revenue through Konexons • Finalize and deploy our accelerator model • Continue to cultivate strategic partnerships for growth • Develop a strategic plan for the Sheltowee Foundation and secure additional funding to continue our educational efforts for entrepre neurs and angel investors We wish to thank all of our investors, portfolio companies and supporters for their trust, and we look forward to working together in 2023 to generate substantial financial returns to help people at the same time. • Invest $10 million in 30 startups

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