Interesting Articles - July 2017


J apan I nbound T ourism H its R ecord H igh

Center for China & Globalization (CCG) and China’s leading travel services provider Ctrip. Read more H alal T ourism G etting S tronger than E ver The number of Muslim travellers around the world has been on the rise. In 2016, according to the data of the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) about $155 billion were spent by Mus- lim travellers. This number represents about 13% of the total global travel expenses. Read more US B usiness T ravel S pending R eached $424 B illion in 2016 A new report issued by the GBTA Foundation and the American Express Global Business Travel highlights the positive economic impact business travel has on the US nation’s econ- omy. The study reveals that business travel is responsible for $547 billion in U.S. GDP in 2016, and creates over 7.4 million jobs. Read more

The number of tourists visiting Japan hit a record high of 7.2 million in the second quarter of 2017, with the booming tourism industry buoyed by a jump in visitors from neighbouring Asian nations. Tourist numbers from April to July were up 21.1% compared to the same period last year. Read more D ubai R emains the S econd M ost I mportant S hopping D estination in the W orld Dubai remained the second most important shopping destination in the world for a sixth consecutive year, just closely behind London, according to the latest report of Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) on the global retail industry. Read more T ravelling A broad G ains P opularity in C hina Chinese people top the globe in travelling abroad, according to a recently issued report on “Globalization and China’s inbound & outbound tourism” jointly published by the


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