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Contents Page 3 President’s Report From the 2011/12 President of the SES Society Nigel Phelps

Corrections from The Chronicle The following corrections have arisen after the publication of The Chronicle at the end of 2011. OSE News (pg. 178) 1958 (C) AMC Dunn – Noted as Manchester diocese – should have read Winchester. Retired fully in 2007 not 2009. OSE Obituaries (pg. 192) Vaudrey DH – Noted as brother of Derek and David Vaughan – should have read brother of Derek and David Vaudrey. OSE We need your help! Do you have any photos of your time at Teddies? We would love to have either originals or copies to add to the SES Archives. With the 150th Anniversary celebrations in 2013 there will be many publications and events and we would like to be able to share as many of our historical pictorial records as possible. We need all the help we can get from OSE. The Archives contain a huge Keen to play with the Martyrs? Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved with any of the Martyrs events. For Martyrs Cricket Fixtures and reports and Martyrs Golf Fixtures please see the OSE pages of the website http://www.stedwardsoxford. co.uk/ose-friends.html Information and contact details for the Martyrs Reps are available on the OSE pages of the website www.stedwardsoxford.co.uk/ martyrs-reps.html or telephone the OSE office on 01865 319438.

Page 14 Congratulations

Pages 16-17 News of OSE

Pages 4-8 “Who’s Who & What’s What”

Pages 18-22 Obituaries

Pages 22 Obituaries Former Common Room

Pages 9-11 Rhubarb Rhubarb Teddies’ history of rhubarb, puzzles and games

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Pages 12-13 Archives The Subway Story 1928 /1929

Pages 25-26 St Edward’s Martyrs

Pages 27 St Edward’s School Termly update

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Message from the Editor

Welcome to the second edition of r h u b a r b .

Following the long awaited publication of The Chronicle we are now back on schedule and are delighted to be able to present our OSE update. We have some interesting stories in this edition including many about young OSE. In particular there have been a number of OSE who have undertaken cycle challenges for charity. There are also reports of a number of OSE Events held recently and we hope they may inspire you to join us for

one or more events here or elsewhere in the UK (or the world!) sometime in the near future. We would like to thank those OSE Reps here and overseas for making the effort to organise events in their area. As our stories prove, they are worth the hard work. We are looking forward to 2013 when the School will be celebrating its 150th anniversary and we would dearly like to be in contact with as many OSE as possible. There will be a number of special celebrations throughout the year and hope that you may wish to join us for some of them. Please check the calendar of events on the back page and keep up to date by checking the OSE pages of the website. If you have not heard from us for some time we may not have all your details. We send the majority of event information by e-mail rather than post. Please e-mail ose@stedwards.oxon.sch.uk with your e-mail address and any other details to ensure you are kept in touch with what is happening.

collection already but we would welcome your contributions of photographs, school records and memorabilia. Please e-mail or telephone Pamela with details.

Best wishes. Pamela Keeley-Butler, Alumni Relations Officer Editor.


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