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Choosing the Correct Diagnostic Tool

for in-depth analysis rather than a simple description. This can be found in the form of technical data, test plans or even a dedicated telephone support line for complete peace of mind. Reading and registering a fault code is just the start, many fault codes only offer a basic description which enables you to locate the area of the fault but not necessarily identify what the fault actually is. This is where other diagnostic tools can help pinpoint the fault, with the help of technical data and test values. By following the correct diagnostic process, garages will be able to diagnose faults quickly and more accurately, reducing time wasted fitting wrong parts and losing hours that will be deemed unbillable.

When investing in a diagnostic tool it is important that a garage understands its needs and requirements. Diagnostic tools are almost always thought to be PC or Electronic based devices, but this isn’t always the case. Diagnostics also incorporates equipment such as smoke testers and pressure testers, simple yet effective tools that are traditional essentials in any garage. Each diagnostic tool has its own advantages, some come in varying configurations and levels, while others are sold as a complete kit from the manufacturer. Almost all electronic-based diagnostic tools offer the ability to read and clear fault codes, additionally some may offer the capability

HELLA Hella diagnostic is a universal diagnostic tool, available in a PC version for cost savings or as Hella dedicated hardware for a powerful diagnostic tool. All Hella diagnostic tools include access to high quality technical data, meaning there is no need to purchase additional technical data - saving yearly renewal costs to your garage compared to other manufacturers. Along with technical data the Hella MegaMac 56 and 66 have the ability to send reports to Germany where a team of master technicians can analyse the report and come back with suspected fixes – this offers a premium diagnostic service. All Hella diagnostic tools are compatible with the Hella CSC (Camera and Sensor Calibration) tool for ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) requirements. Despite ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) technology already being in the mainstream, the majority of garage workshops don’t yet have the equipment to complete an ADAS calibration following a repair. This means there is an opportunity for those who act first to establish themselves not only with the traditional work providers, but also with other local collision repair workshops and the regular mechanical shops.

BOSCH Bosch diagnostics are available in many forms, allowing garages to configure a package to their needs through a large array of hardware configuration and software options. All Bosch diagnostics consist of 3 parts: Laptop/DCU, KTS/ VCI and ESi/Software. When investing in Bosch diagnostics it is important to understand what each part of the system does and which elements are best suited to your garage’s requirements. With the recent launch of DoIP (Diagnostic Over Internet Protocol) the new range of KTS hardware is fully DoIP compatible allowing you to future-proof your business – critical in today’s ever changing world of diagnostics.

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