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Value Added Tax (VAT) Guidelines

Foreign convention organizers who are VAT registered companies in their home countries are also liable for VAT in Austria. Convention organizers have to different: Are their costumers entrepreneur or non- entrepreneur? When costumers are business enterprises: congress organizers do not invoice VAT for their congress services. (Reverse Charge System) When costumers are private individuals: congress organizers have to charge them Austrian VAT. Get back the difference between the input value-added tax (charged by hotels and other suppliers) and the VAT charged by the organizer: The application for repayment is to be directed to the tax office in Graz by VAT return. Important modifications (starting from 1 January 2010): When there is no VAT to pay to the Austrian tax office, the application for refunding is to be made electronically in organizers’ home country. (Deadline: 30 September of the following year). For the period of one year the amount of refunding must be at least EUR 50.00. Foreign entrepreneurs who have no registered office in the European Union have to present the applications for refunding at the tax office in Graz. As you can see, VAT does not represent a cost factor in Austria. Your tax accountant can give you information and can help you with passing in the necessary applications. If required you can use the services of a specialized Austrian tax accountant such as:

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