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SMW Local 17

Since 1970.

Made in New England by New Englanders

At Buckley our primary goal is to provide our clients with quick, efficient, and courteous customer service. This is accomplished by ensuring that our team adheres to our core business principals: ª Maintaining a Customer Focus ª Teamwork ª Embarking on Continuous Improvement Programs ª Adhering to Operational Excellence To this affect we stock thousands of items across our five warehouse locations. We offer convenient pick up locations as well as daily delivery services within our service region.

Buckley maintains a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Hanover, MA. We manufacture a wide range of sheet metal products including: ª Roof Curbs, Equipment Supports ª UL-Listed Flexible Duct and Buck Duct ª Access Doors ª Transitions and Distribution Plenums ª Stamped Grilles ª UL-Listed Static Fire Dampers ª Aluminum Louvers Our products are manufactured by the skilled craftsmen of the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 17. We maintain stock on many of our products but can also manufacture custom sizes or quantities to fit your needs.




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RGD Product Cross Reference

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Duct Access Doors and Panels

Ceiling Diffusers

Control Dampers Backdraft Dampers

Slot Diffusers

Supply Registers

Gasketed Spiral Pipe & Fittings Snaplock Pipe & Accessories Penthouse Elevator Louver

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Return Grilles

Grilles & Registers

Single Duct VAV Boxes

Roof Curbs

Equipment Supports



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45° Air-Tite Connector

Air-Tite Bellmouth

Direct Drive Roof Exhaust Fan Belt Driven Roof Exhaust Fan Varigreen Upblast Exhaust

Air-Tites and Spin-Ins


Distribution Plenums

Ceiling Ventilation Fans

Flexible Duct

Fan Accessories

Buck Duct

Inline Fans

Flex Accessories & Cable Controls

Sidewall Propeller Fans

Stamped Grilles

Gravity Hoods


Fume Exhaust Systems

Static Fire Dampers


Fire Dampers

Duct Access Doors


Terms & Conditions of Sale

All prices within this stock catalog are LIST PRICE . Please apply your company's discount to determine your net purchase price. Unless otherwise noted all dimensions are listed in INCHES . Prices are effective 1/17/2022.

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