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Vektor ® -CD


® -HS

Vektor ® -MH

High Plume Dilution

Vektor ® -MS

Vektor ® -H

High Plume

Vektor ® -MD with ERS Unit

High Plume Variable Geometry Nozzle

growing family Lab air exhaust systems for every application.

Greenheck Vektor ® self-enclosed, high-plume and high-plume dilution rooftop laboratory exhaust systems remove fumes and expel them away from roof, neighborhood and building make-up air systems. There are Vektor systems for virtually any need — small high school labs, universities, hospitals and high-volume R&D facilities. Models are available to handle volumes from 24,000 to 120,000 cfm, constant volume and variable volume, or demand-based exhaust high plume dilution, and energy recovery. The new Vektor-MS fills a cost performance niche, with variable-volume operation (up to 38,500 cfm, 8 in. wg), allowing larger building turndowns for greater energy savings (up to 50% savings). All Vektor system components are manufactured and tested by Greenheck, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

• High-plume dispersal • AMCA certifications for Air, Sound and Air or Induced Flow Fan Air and Sound • Self-contained design • Safety and comfort inside and outside the facility • Quiet operation and energy efficiency • Easy installation and maintenance • High schools and universities • Hospitals • Pharmaceutical/Biotech • Research facilities APPLICATIONS FEATURES VEKTOR ® SYSTEMS BENEFITS

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