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A Way Forward that Cannot Be Stopped

Workplace Engagement is on the Rise


This message from Elisabeth Baugh, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada, was published on March 19, 2019 following the 2019 Federal Budget

Parliament, and committees, reinforcing with a collective and clear voice the need for an immediate investment of $10 million dollars for research that can help save lives. And you didn’t just speak and advocate for you . You spoke for and in honour of women who couldn’t speak for themselves because the disease claimed their lives far too soon.You spoke for, and sometimes alongside, all the people who are painfully impacted by ovarian cancer when a woman loses her life to this disease: her partner, her children, her parents or other family members, her friends and neighbours, and her closest colleagues. You spoke also for the girls and women who are at risk of diagnosis with this disease in the future. In a short time we’ve built a powerful movement and collective presence that many members of government recognized as a force to be reckoned with, and were themselves compelled to champion and support. Together, we’ve made a mark and a strong impression and we ought to celebrate that! But we’re not done. Today’s announcement may feel like a place to stop. But it’s not, actually. We are in a race to save more lives and today’s announcement only propels us forward and further. There are more opportunities ahead. There are opportunities to engage more champions and advocates to add to our collective voice; opportunities to build on today’s promising investment; and opportunities to engage other partners and funders in our mission to see women live fuller, better, and longer lives. Thank you, once again, for your advocacy and support. Stay committed and stay tuned. We’re only just beginning.

GOC launched Workplace in 2018 to facilitate our internal communications. Workplace is a communications tool much like Facebook. It is an easy-to-use platform, custom-built with our kind of work specifically in mind. In Workplace, we can discuss projects, share files, and instantly communicate with one another across the Society. Introducing Workplace has helped us work together better, and move faster to get things done. We are delighted to report that members have embracedWorkplace enthusiastically. The aim for the end of 2019 is 80% engagement - and we are already at 69%. Once the 80% goal is reached, GOC’s use of email to communicate with you will be limited. This means we really need you to sign up soon so you don’t miss any important discussions or postings. Workplace is where all the ‘action’ is and will be -- we want you to be part of all the information about events and clinical discussions you’ll find there. Using a new tool can be daunting; you may have questions about your privacy, how to use the platform, and what benefits it may provide to you. GOC staff is here to help, available to take you step- by-step through the transition. We can schedule a one-on-one consultation; we can send you an email with simple instructions to get you started; we can even hold a team consultation by phone or videoconference. We really want to make this as painless as possible! Workplace is now hosted on its own domain. Your information on Workplace is more secure than it ever was. Claim your account now and join your colleagues in Workplace. Contact Chisomo Msoffe at cmsoffe@g-o-c.org.

announcement by the Government of Canada.

To so many of you who’ve joined in our advocacy journey over the past four years, my heart beams with pride following today’s Federal Budget Announcement as I say: Thank you! Thank you for shining an unwavering, uncompromising, and unstoppable spotlight on the need for more ovarian cancer research funding in Canada. Today, the Government of Canada has taken steps to invest in needed research which will translate into scientific progress against this disease. This announcement makes an important commitment to women’s health and equity in health care – and it is a milestone made possible because of you. Really - do you know what you’ve done? You shared bravely and openly about your own personal experiences with the disease (or that of a loved one) and offered connection, camaraderie, and community to other women and their loved ones living with it too. Your nearly 13,000 signatures led to the reading of a Petition in the House of Commons urging government to make funding ovarian cancer research a priority. You wrote letters – also by the thousands – to your elected representatives across the country. You‘stomped the pavement’and invited people in your own networks to support the cause and to also speak to their elected representatives. Boldly, you went with us to Parliament Hill, Ottawa, participating in countless meetings and presentations with federal ministers, Members of

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