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Rolling Cargo Bed can be the roll- out framework of support for what- ever you need for work or play. This ingenious, indestructible steel frame comes in a wide variety of lengths, widths and strengths so that you can get exactly what you need to begin building your easy-access roll-out platform or tray or box or whatever you can dream of. Since 1987, Roll- ing Cargo Bed has been manufac- turing sturdy frames right here in Western Canada to improve access to all sorts of equipment. For work, the Rolling Cargo Bed has formed the roll-out base for every trade there is. From welding to oilfield, electrical to plumbing, surveying to emergency response and for commercial fleets as well as independent operators, Rolling Car- go Bed has improved the access to equipment for all of these workers. By adding a plywood platform, then tool boxes, trays or drawers, your customized cargo bed rolls what you need right out to you. It rolls almost all the way out of the truck box too, with up to a laws of physics-defying 80% extension.

the box of your pickup, trying to find that specific tool as the time clock ticks away from profit to loss due to wasted time. You can design exactly what you need to make every job more efficient and also safer, reducing possible WCB claims and missed deadlines due to absenteeism. If you can design and build it, Rolling Cargo Bed can put a roll-out frame underneath it to bring it right out to where you need it.

number of apps which you se- lect to improve the ease, efficien- cy and safety of accessing your gear. Depending upon what you plan to roll out, you can order a frame strong enough to carry up to an amazing 4000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. The patented roll out system locks in place every 10”, so you only need to roll it out as far as you need to access what you need every time. If you are a contractor and you are considering purchasing a Rolling Cargo Bed, try this experiment for a week to see if you really need one. Every time you curse because you can’t find what you need in the dingy and dimly lit jumble of tools and supplies in your truck box, throw a loonie in your change compartment. You’ll soon realize that you can’t afford not to optimize your organization and increase your profits by getting professional & installing a cargo bed. If you are a weekend warrior and you take your pickup truck out for your adventures, think of how much more fun you could be having if you spent less time loading and unloading your gear. Once your pickup box goes from a disorganized jumble to a well-ordered rolling configuration of everything in its place and a place for everything, you can spend your time actually enjoying your all-too-few hours of recreation rather than bickering with your exhausted spouse over who put the whatchamacallit where.

For play, the opportunities provided by this innovation are almost infinite. Whether you are a sports- man, a hobbyist, or a retired couple filling your golden years by exploring the continent, there is an ideal configuration of storage and security that can be made to roll right out to you when you need it. Imagine how much easier unloadingwill bewhen the luggage compartments underneath your motorhome or 5th wheel are outfitted with rolling cargo beds covered by rubberized platforms: with a simple flip of the release catch, your luggage comes to you, saving your tired back at the end of a long day of driving. Think of it this way, Rolling Cargo Bed is like the framework for any

Just imagine it: no more sore knees and backs and dirty, torn pants from crawling around in the murky twilight under the canopy covering

Time saved is time enjoyed… together.


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