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Vedder Mountain: Chilliwack, BC

Catermole: Chilliwack, BC

As an outdoor adventurer, Torry Longlitz can use the province of beautiful British Columbia as his off-road playground. B.C. is famous for its beautiful coastline vistas, spectacular mountain peaks and even the desert sands and sage- brush of the interior. With his Jeep, Torry can go wherever he likes, no roads required.

vehicle, a Jeep was the natural choice. In answer to our question: “Were you always a born Jeeple?” he replied: “Jeeps have been in my family since I can remember. My dad had an old CJ that got me into wheeling.” so, Torry explained: “I bought my jeep stock and the first mod I did was new tires.” Torry’s group (AWTORO) means business when they begin to plan a trip. They use their Facebook Page to post the minimum tire size/height requirements for each adventure as well as the difficulty rating for the trail. The photos on his Instagram Page are filled with gorgeous scenery and wilderness images. He also has some good advice for new off-roaders: “be prepared for every situation. Pack proper tools and sustenance be- fore venturing into the unknown.” For Torry and his off-road group, it is this “unknown” which makes what they do so very appealing. They like to go far into the wilder- ness and just drive to see what they can find. His favourite part

of the adventure is the scenery of British Columbia: “it is breath- taking in so many different ways.” Right now, his favourite area is West Harrison because it has “endless trails following the glacier-fed lake.” Torry often shares these off-road adventures with his copilot, Ali, who is also his girlfriend. She is actually the only person whom Torry allows to drive his Jeep off-road. She “hopes to get her own Jeep one day.”

Sunrise Lake: West Harrison, Forest Service Road

Sylvester: Mission, BC

So far, his group has mostly wheeled on the west coast and in the Fras- er Valley of Beautiful BC. However, they are always looking for new areas to explore. They are planning a big trip in 2017 to the Moab, Utah

When Torry and his buddies go off- road - they really go OFF-ROAD! The photos and locations tell the tale. Torry calls his Sahara Unlimited Rock Lobster, after a feel-good song from the early 80s by The B-52s.

Hale Creek: West Harrison Forest Service Road

When it came time to buy his own

V-Rock: West Harrison, BC


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