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Bak Industries’ new MX4 has got it all: strength, good looks, versatility, protection, fuel economy & security. This solid, fold-up cover has a clamp- on install and it fits entirely inside the truck box. It’s made of a premium density foam core which is covered by durable aluminum and finished in fashionable matte black. Matte black is like one of the really cool superheroes: He looks great, but he doesn’t have to wear a bright leotard and cape to proclaim what he is. The MX4’s rugged finish can take whatever weather it’s exposed to: it is UV resistant and it comes with EPDM outer rail seals for maximum leak pre- vention all the way around the box. It is also scuff and scratch resistant because, well, sooner or later, stuff happens.

its clean lines. It saves you money at the pumps: a proven fact that a box cover may reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. This super cover can even withstand 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. So, while we never recommend that it become the plat- form for a parade float, we have all been in situations where you just have to carry that one extra piece down to your friend’s cottage and your box and cab are already jam-packed. Because the MX4 fits inside the truck box, your stake pockets are open for tie downs and you can safely secure your load. You’ll be the hero of the party because, did we forget to men- tion, that one extra box is the cooler full of steaks and you are keeping that package cool with ice-cold bottles of refreshment? When you arrive with that load, not only will they all admire the smooth appearance of your ride, they’ll be grateful for what its practi- cality allowed you to bring. This cover’s style is more than skin- deep. The rails and hardware match the black matte finish of the box cover. When you fold up the cover, the panels easily unlatch, beginning with a simple pull-cable release inside injection-molded latch housings at the tailgate end of the box. When you get to the cab, you have two storage options. You can use the new, easy-latching strap and buckle system to secure the cover in a folded-down position. Or, you can take advantage of the protective strips which allow you to rest the cover right up against the back of the cab with no worries about scratching your paint or the glass of your rear window.

When the panels are leaning against the cab, a simple lock rod can be easily engaged to secure the panels in that position. This leaves every inch of your truck box available. Here’s another great design feature: when it is in the against-the-cab position, it is short enough to provide a full view of the third brake light, helping to prevent collisions from behind. The cover also works as a barrier, protecting the back of the cab if you have large cargo which can shift forward in the event of an abrupt braking situation.

You can have your truck box covered or you can have it fully open and easily switch between the two with a simple release and fold-up motion. When you go to unfold the panels from their locked cab-up position, the weight of the cover itself easily engages each latch as you lay the panels down. The latching is truly automatic. The MX4 does it all and looks super too.

A new design feature allows you to open and close the tailgate while the cover is fully closed. Then, when you lock the tailgate, your strong aluminum cover prevents access to valuable cargo. This design means that the MX4 does not have those bulky locks sticking up, open to the elements and prone to seizing from rust. The cover is completely smooth - nothing sticks up to match


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