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Youth Targets and Accessories

IM STD WW 18” high

At BIGshot Archery, we are committed to supporting youth and scouting programs. The BIGshot NASP youth target is the perfect solution for archers who want to move up and potentially compete at JOAD and NASP shoots. PRODUCT SPECS Available sizes include Item 118 34” X 35”

The BIGshot Bag Jacket™ is a great way to convert any bag target to a game target! The Bag Jacket includes 2 games, fits any standard bag target and is an inexpensive way to renew and extend the life of your old bag face. Make archery fun with the BIGshot Bag Jacket. PRODUCT SPECS Item BJ-10

IM STD 16” high

MegaBOOM STS is a pressurizing device that allows you to pump air (you supply the air source – bicycle floor pump, compressor or dive tank) into ordinary, everyday, plastic soft drink or water bottles. The pressure inside the plastic bottle, when released by the impact of a projectile (arrow, bullet or pellet), causes the bottle to rip at a supersonic speed, resulting in a small sonic boom (up to 150 decibels). MegaBOOM is designed specifically for use with any recyclable soda pop or water bottle. Just raid your recycling to get more targets. PRODUCT SPECS Item MB 150 BIGshot Boom Bottle System

Give your BIGshot targets a lift with these support legs. Raising targets from the ground extends the life while bringing the target to a height closer to that of a deer’s vitals or a professional range. Various sizes and wheel upgrades are available to suit your BIGshot target support and mobility needs. PRODUCT SPECS Item IM STD 16” high (7 lbs) Item IM STD WW 18” high (12 lbs)

Item MB 179 Small Bottle Adaptor Item MB 599 Cloud Powder Pak


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