2017 Vivero Catalog

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Vivero Internacional is the single largest producer of geraniums for the North American market. Beginning in 1990, Vivero has produced more than 1.5 billion geranium cuttings as private stock for the industry’s top breeding companies. Now with an open availability through the North American broker network, Vivero is proud to offer a full line of premium spring plants and geraniums from Endisch, Kientzler, PAC, Volmary and Westhoff. These companies are leading brands of vegetatively propagated plant varieties. Their dynamic breeding programs introduce award-winning varieties like Crazytunia Petunias, Bermuda Geraniums and Hot Lobelia. Pairing with Vivero’s worldwide acclaim for its ability to produce clean, healthy cuttings, it offers North American growers an instant avenue for success.

Due to an ideal location inside NAFTA, close to four international airports and less than 750 miles from the US border, Vivero offers growers outstanding reliability in timely deliveries.


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