Martha Martinez

in everything. Thus, in this children’s book we show how Eva has two rooms, two dogs, two beds, etc. She is lucky because most children only have one and she has two; in the end that doesn’t change how much her parents love her. While living in Iowa City, IA, Martha’s interest to do something with children came into plan. She took of small children and loved reading to them during story time. There were a lot of factors that led Martha to write something positive out of unpleasant situation. She always thought about writing something close to her heart and inspiring. What can be more inspiring than her own child? Martha wanted to find a topic that she had to overcome and encourage others the same way, especially parents. Martha found that many had trouble explaining to the children that they were getting divorced. Accordingly, the idea to write a children’s book on the subject interested her. She also researched the topic on the Internet and saw there was a demand for a book in a positive way. She came across a lot of books, but all were very disheartening and unpleasant to read with a child. In discovering a wider need for it, that’s when Martha started working on the book. Martha knew she wanted it to be colorful and fun to look at for any child, with lots of enjoyable images that both the parent and child can enjoy during reading time. Also, the ending needed to be uplifting and present the parents with an encouraging outlook. It’s a book made with a lot of love for a child, her child, and Martha knows that, like her, all parents’ most important mission in life is for their children to be happy. As for other projects in writing, Martha hopes to be writing something based on her life experiences after marriage. She has encountered many single parents and their struggles

throughout life. This will be something new for her to venture into, a new territory away from children books. She hopes to inspire others with optimistic outlook, either to her students or her readers; with all of her work, Martha hopes to impart the idea that “You have the power to make things better and always find positive thoughts and learn new ways to grow to be a better version of yourself.”


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 43

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