Dear Colleagues: While the business world grows more globalized every day, many members of your organization remain unfamiliar with cultures around us. And not just across international borders—they can be found in nearly every office. Awareness of our own cultural identities and experiences

is the first step to becoming more effective cross-culturally, but most of us are unaware of how we have been influenced by our own cultures. How do you train for these skills? The workplace has changed, it’s more global. Discussions about cultural backgrounds and identities can help dispel misconceptions. More profound learning can be achieved with the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory. An assessment and workshop, CCAI provides the opportunity to explore cultural identity and to improve the ability to interact effectively with other cultures. With it you’ll be able to expand viewpoints and help learners become more comfortable discussing cultural identity. Best of all, participants work in small groups to investigate ways to improve cross cultural effectiveness by making action plans for further individual development after the session ends. To be effective your team members need to be more culturally aware. Receive a free copy of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory Information Kit by contacting our customer service team at 800-633-4533, or visit We’re publishing resources for developing great people skills. Thanks for choosing HRDQ. Regards,

Bradford R. Glaser President & CEO

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I’d like to commend Sara Montgomery in your Customer Service area. She was very patient, positive, and really went the extra mile to help me figure out the scoring on an assessment. Much appreciated!”

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