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About Stego ® Industries, LLC

Stego Industries brings game-changing technology to the construction market at light speed.

The Stego Difference Whether we are designing new game-changing products, developing existing technologies into construction applications, or bringing our clients’ revolutionary solutions to market, Stego Industries maintains a steadfast commitment to marketing with integrity and ethics. We strive to lead by example by looking out for our industry, community, customers, and employees. Stego Solutions Known for our flagship Stego Wrap line of below-slab vapor barriers and retarders, we have earned the respect, trust, and recommendation of the architectural, engineering, and construc- tion communities. Our clients have made Stego Wrap the most widely specified vapor barrier in North America. We will continue to develop and attract new solutions to help sustain the built environment, and to bring value to our customers. In addition to the Stego Wrap brand, we have added StegoCrawl® Wrap for crawl space encap- sulation, Pango™ Termite Defense System*, and Beast™ Concrete Accessories to our portfolio of product offerings. Stego Education Our company is a leader in industry education. Stego Industries provides thousands of continu- ing educational programs each year. We will be pleased to share our expertise with you, as well as to help you reliably address any aspect of our products’ selection, location, and installation. The People at Stego Our North American network of Stego employees, representatives, and distributors ensure that our products are both readily available and also accompanied with excellent technical knowledge and field support when you need it.

We appreciate your interest in our company and products. Please contact us to get in touch with the nearest Stego representative. We look forward to working with you on your next project.


* Stego Industries, LLC • San Clemente, CA Tel: 949-257-4100 • Toll Free: 877-464-7834 • Fax: 949-257-4113 * Stego Industries, LLC is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for various brands. Stego, the stegosaurus design logo[s], Crete Claw, StegoTack, StegoCrawl, Beast, and the Beast design logo are all deemed to be registered and/or protectable trademarks or service marks of Stego Industries, LLC. © 2016 Stego Industries, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Please see 8/2016

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