Lynne Golonka & Joseph Golonka

Standards of Care are? If you were buying a car or a refrigerator or any large item, one would research quality, reliability, etc, through acceptable sources. Why not hospital care? 4-Knowledge Hospital Battlefield presents the Standards of Care as a basis for patient and family questions. Questions without knowledge are weak and unfocused. Questions in the book are based on the Standards of Care and in order to teach and answer your questions, the caregiver focuses on what they learned. When you ask a question to the caregiver, they retrieve the memory of what they were taught by their clinical instructor. You are inviting the clinical instructor to the bedside and enhancing focus on the procedure. 5-Communication Facts alone will not be sufficient to protect yourself and your family. The how you ask questions is as important as what you ask. Patients and families are often afraid to ask too many questions. In a vulnerable state, you do not want to be labeled as a “difficult patient” and not get care. Communication strategies provide the skills to ask questions comfortably as an ally in your care and also importantly you will be heard. As self-publishers we naively thought that we could get over, around or under the publishing, media and medical walls. Each semester, on an academic time table, we tried again and again, often feeling like giving up. The internet gave us the impetus to write a second edition. Not just the internet, but one single review on Amazon, from a woman we didn’t know. She wrote one sentence, “the book was witty and it

saved my husband’s life.” It’s hard to measure how powerful that was. We had to keep writing one life is well worth it and maybe we can help more families. This is a thank you note to that woman. Positive feedback can be most inspiring. See sample chapter three: Hidden Enemy: MRSA, C Difficile Engagement: Hospital Procedures Suctioning Oxygen Administration Catheters Central Venous Lines Medications Complications: Immobility, Deep venous thrombosis, Bedsores, Pain



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