Europe Magazine - November 2019


Photo copyright: Seth Taras,Know Where You Stand campaign- History Channel


AT THEHEARTOF THE EUROPEANSTORY From the stone age to the modern age, European history is deep, varied, and fascinating. Every country on the continent is replete with important historical sites. There’s bound to be an era or geographical region that grabs your attention: research your family roots, a favorite period of history, a particular country, a military conflict, or an important historical figure. The UNESCO World Heritage list is a great place to research significant places that suit your interest or general itinerary. Walk among ruined buildings or along the traces of ancient streets, imagining the full spectrum of sights, sounds and odors of that bygone world. Behold Roman ruins and imagine how such an empire was built—without Google or Siri! See artifacts of the day that show how people managed daily tasks, what they worshipped, the extent of their technology, what was beautiful to them. Gain deeper understanding of the historical forces that shaped have Europe, not just in the distant past but perhaps during your lifetime, or that of your parents. Enrichment guaranteed!

Switzerland: The Red Cross 03 Serbia: The Cradle of Civilization 04 Austria: Austria's Secret Weapon 06 Ireland: Explore Ireland’s history 07 Portugal: In the Heart of Portugal 08 FInlandia: Finlandia Hall 10 Slovenia: The history of Soča Valley 11 Poland: Tracing history 12 Croatia: Croatia’s Cultural Gems 14 Germany: Three Decades of Reunion 15 Wallonie: Wallonia: Where History Was Made 16 Romania: History still alive in Romania 18 Monaco: Monaco’s unique history 19 Czech Republic: Václav Havel’s Footsteps 20 Denmark: Dive into Danish history 22 Malta: The Knights of St. John 23 Greece: Land of History 24 Flanders: History on every corner 26 Estonia: Living history of Estonia 27 Spain: Spain’s privileged history 28



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