40 Year Recertification - An Interview with William Pyznar

40 Year Recertification: an Interview with William Pyznar, P.E. Jessica Vail & William Pyznar, P.E., Principal

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week to one month or more for larger more complex sites. My building has had some extensive renovation in recent years. Am I still required? Yes – even if the building is in perfect shape, you still must file a report.

If you manage a commercial or multi- unit residential property in South Florida, youmay or may not be aware of the 40 year recertification requirement in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Our team of experts at The Falcon Group put together a Q&A to help navigate this requirement and answer your most common questions. The main objective to running your building should always be “safety first.” This requirement can help ensure your tenants live, work and play in a safe, structurally-sound facility. What is a 40 year-recertification? Is my facility required to have one? Who is required? Who is exempt? 40-year certification is a requirement in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for safety certification by a licensed engineer or architect with respect to both structural and electrical components of buildings when they approach 40 years of age and every 10 years thereafter.

What is the architect/engineer responsible for? What is the owner responsible for? The professional engineer/architect (A/E) is responsible for accessing the building, determining the level of accessibility needed based upon conditions and reporting upon such conditions. The owner is responsible for hiring the professional, filing the reports and repairing any unsafe conditions. When conditions are repaired, the professional A/E should be reengaged to certify the repairs are safe and up- to-code and issue a clean report for the building. What if my building is not 40 years old? How can I verify the age of my building? The city should have a folio number for your building which would provide such critical information. If your building is not 40 years old you are not required to do anything, however if there is distress and failures related to the structure or electric, you should have these items inspected and corrected right away. Building Owners are encouraged to repair the building in anticipation of the 40 year mark. How long does this process take? Depending upon the size, accessibility and condition of the building, a report can be turned around in as little as a

Additional Suggestions: If there are extensive repairs required on your facility it may be beneficial to the building owner to hire a multi- disciplined Architecture/Engineering firm as they can help the owner navigate through the intricacies of complex projects. In addition, it can expedite the process as the owner will be working directly with one vendor instead of multiple. It should also be noted to not hire a vendor that is tied to a contractor as there may be conflict of interest. F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n p l ease v i s i t our webs i te at www.thefalcongroup.us or contact us at 305-663-1970.

Exempt buildings include buildings under 2,000 square feet in Miami- Dade County and 3,500 square feet in Broward County. In addition, one and two family dwellings, U.S. Government, State of Florida buildings, schools under the jurisdiction of the B.C. School board and buildings built on Indian Reservations are exempt from this program.

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