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Summer 2017, Vol. 35 No. 3

A Federal Highway Administration LTAP Technology Transfer Newsletter

What’s Ahead in This Issue

Catching UpWith Community Crossings: Tippecanoe County

1 Catching UpWith

Community Crossings

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In this new series, we will highlight projects using awarded Community Crossing Grants. Each newsletter, we will share a county, city, towns, and/ or project.

LTAP’s role in Community Crossings consisted of training, assisting in plan submittals, and plan compliance review.

The Community Crossings Grant benefited counties, cities, and towns of all sizes.

The Community Crossings Grant

In the Summer of 2016, INDOT announced the Community Crossing matching grant fund, which provided matching grants

benefited counties, cities, and towns of all sizes. Recently WLFI TV station reported on how the grant gave smaller towns a leg up in

to counties and municipalities for eligible projects. Projects include bridge and road preservation type projects, along with ADA sidewalk projects connected to a road project, roundabouts and road reconstructions. INDOT awarded over 145 million in the 2016 program.

Tippecanoe County. According to John Thomas of the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission: “A lot of their pavement was not in very good shape and needed to be repaved. They didn’t have the funds to do that. The Community

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