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VOL. 1 • No. 3 • 2016

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SUSTAIN-6: results

encouraging for the entire field of cardiometabolic drug development

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The analysis demonstrated the difficulty of maintaining haemoglobin A1c to goal over 3 years, even in a clinical trial setting. 6


Unexpectedly, in the SUSTAIN-6 study, a small safety study of the once-weekly GLP1 analog semaglutide, semaglutide significantly reduced the risk of cardiovascular death, MI, or stroke by 26% compared with placebo in 3297 patients with diabetes and at high cardiovascular risk. 11

Pregnancy outcomes of women with gestational

diabetes are worse but most differences are due to higher body weight 5 Even in a clinical trial setting, keeping HbA1c at goal for 3 years is difficult 6 Platelets from poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

patients show impaired ability to protect against

cardiac ischaemia/ reperfusion injury


DIABETES Insulin infusion and glucose monitoring: a guideline for diabetes technologies 10 OBESITY Double diabetes does not have to mean double complications 13 FEATURE ARTICLE Improved glycaemic control with closed-loop insulin in pregnant diabetic women 15

Increased mortality in people with impaired glucose tolerance after the onset of diabetes Diabetes Care This study demonstrates that a large portion of the increased mortality risk in patients with impaired glucose tolerance is attributable to development of type 2 diabetes.

Optimized mealtime insulin dosing for fat and protein in type 1 diabetes: application of a model-based approach to derive insulin doses for open-loop diabetes management Diabetes Care Regardless of carbohydrate content, the fat and protein content of meals appears to increase insulin requirements in patients with type 1 diabetes. 11

Magnitude of weight loss and changes in physical fitness linked with long-term cardiovascular disease outcomes in overweight diabetics The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology In this secondary analysis of the Look AHEAD trial, investigators found that greater weight loss and greater change in fitness level was associated with reduced cardiovascular disease.

Metformin beneficial for overweight due to antipsychotics in children with autism JAMA Psychiatry In children and adolescents with ASD and weight gain due to antipsychotics, metformin may be effective for weight reduction.




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