FBINAA Associate Magazine Oct/Dec 2021

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The FBI National Academy Associates’ Cyber Threat Intelli- gence Leadership Forum convenes law enforcement executives with expert presenters in the field of cyber intelligence. Over this 2-day Leadership Forum, presenters will share their exper- tise in analyzing security threats, emerging trends and notable developments in threat behaviors, the global threat landscape, security trends and more. 2020: In four months alone, several organizations reported more than 10,000 demonstrates around the country. Some were peaceful, many were not. Numerous were directly pro- testing law enforcement. The FBI National Academy Associates has convened knowledgeable presenters to address LE Lead- ers during this 2-day forum to ensure that you are prepared to direct your departments and officers to properly respond, manage and lead through these chaotic situations. Human Trafficking – the title should disturb you; human traf- ficking involves the use of force, fraud or coercion for sexual acts. Is your state in the top 10 for human trafficking? You will be surprised. Human trafficking is showing a disturbing upward trend over the years which compelled the FBI National Academy Associates to create this 2-day Leadership Forum for first responders throughout the country. The Forum will provide attendees with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to improve identification, investigation and ultimately prosecution of these cases. How do we prepare for the next career? Retirements and resignations in law enforcement are at an all-time high. Will you miss an opportunity by not preparing early? Has it been decades since you prepared a resume, was interviewed? The FBI National Academy Associates offers this 2-day forum to guide law enforcement professionals to a smooth transition for their life after law enforcement. We will all be a former LE professional at some stage in our lives – are you prepared? No other profession is under the national scrutiny like law enforcement and the profession is changing every day. This profession like never before in its history needs leaders who are dynamic, competent, professional and willing to lead in these turbulent times. The FBI National Academy Associates has put together this dynamic 3-day Leadership Forum to prepare leaders of all levels to become the leader of character, competence and courage needed in this current age.






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