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• Master the fundamental principles of effective leadership and efficient management • Understand the value of awareness, antifragility, and adaptability as a leader • Communicate clearly and confidently up and down the chain of command (and externally as well) • Learn the nuances of successfully leading a multi- generational team • Manage and resolve conflicts both from within and outside of the organization • Navigate liability and other legal Issues successfully • Recognize warning signs in your officers’ behavior to prevent problems and enhance officer wellness • Successfully transition high performing officers to a valuable Leader-Producer through mastery of the concepts in numerous practical application exercises COURSE 2: FBINAA LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Mastering the Leadership Challenges of Law Enforcement (4.5 day program) Learning Objectives: • Q6 Performance Leadership Model is a comprehensive, dynamic, and integrated system for developing individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve higher levels of collaboration while improving the relationships of its members. • It is a strategic system for leaders to help people maximize their performance by aligning personal and organizational goals while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, and creativity. • Q6 capitalizes on the collaborative energies, skills, values, and belief systems of those you lead to support organizational mission, vision, values, and goals. Properly taught and exercised we believe it will engender an increased sense of ownership and personal responsibility for the organization’s success. • The various leader-follower levels challenge individuals to become self-aware and examine how their actions and behaviors affect others. It encourages personal and professional growth on a continuum of constant self- reflection. The levels challenge performance leaders to inspire greater achievement in their people. • Performance Leaders share their own knowledge and provide key experiences to their people, enabling them to cultivate the wisdom to succeed independently of their leader. • The Q6 Performance Leadership Model is designed to improve communication and understanding on all levels. It invites everyone to share in the enriching experience of becoming the best of all leaders...the one who develops his or her people to the point that the leader is rarely needed. • Legal updates every leader must know and understand in order to move their team/department forward in an ever- changing landscape COURSE 3: FBINAA LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Attend any one of the following FBINAA Specialized Leadership Forums, tailoring a course to fit your/your agency's needs. • FBI National Academy Associates Leadership Certification - Completion of Courses 1-3 • Completion of a self study research paper assigned by the FBINAA Education and Training Division

F B I N A A . O R G | O C T / D E C 2 0 2 1

W e are back! It seems as if I have waited forever to say those words about the National Academy. It was a rough 18 month pause period. We were very disappointed that we had to skip six scheduled NA sessions. We are disappointed that we were not able to host over 1500 brothers and sisters in law enforcement who would have filled the slots in those sessions. Those are opportunities that were overcome by world events and won’t come back. We are, however, ready to look forward and focus on the future. Session 280 arrived on Sunday Oct 3rd and has begun their journey which will be very similar to the journey of session’s past. Because we are still coming out of the pandemic pause, there are a few slight adjustments. We brought in 130 students which is ba- sically a half class. We were not able to get the full compliment of international students. We are housing at the Jefferson Dormitory which means nobody has roommates. Our goal, however, is to make this session as great as sessions past and we will not focus on the differences with session 280. Actually, we will focus on the improvements in session 280 and hope to report back how this session had things that were better than ever. Through the last 18 months we have learned a lot about the program, our valued colleagues, and ourselves. I just want to thank those of you who worked with us as and supported us as we strived to bring back the NA in creative ways several times but were unsuccessful. In the moment, we were determined to find a way to keep the program going. Looking back, I’m glad that we were unsuccessful. The experience at a different facility with dif- ferent enrichments and trips would not have been up to our very high standards. It would have still been good, but it would not have been fair to those who waited years to have the transforma- tive experience that they heard about from their colleagues. This pandemic pause gave us a chance to see how lucky we are to be part of this program and to provide the servant leadership that the leaders in our profession need. It gave us a perspective that motivates us to reinvest in what we do and stay highly motivated to do the best job possible. I’m confident that, while we are disappointed to miss those six sessions, we will one day look back and point to that period as a time when we got perspective and got better.

In gratitude,

Cory McGookin Unit Chief, FBI National Academy

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