Discovering the US 2020

People and Culture The US is oftentimes referred to as “The Great Melting Pot.” With so many cultures, languages, and religions represented in the US, no one is excluded from the diverse population in this country. In the Progressive Era (1900-1915), over 15 million immigrants came to America from various European countries, rapidly making the US very diverse, very rapidly. Some of these countries include Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Greece. Demographics With more than 320 million people, the US is the third most populous country in the world. The US population is a mix of Caucasian, African American, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic people. With an emphasis on freedom, citizens are encouraged to practice their beliefs and celebrate their unique culture.

Language English is the primary language spoken in the US Other common languages spoken include Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog, the legal national language of the Philippines. Americans have different accents based on their geographic region, and use a variety of common sayings and slang terms. Due to mass media, though, it is usually easy to understand what someone from a different region is saying based on the context and the overall awareness of our differences.

Religion Christianity is practiced by the majority of the US population, with Protestantism and Roman Catholicism as the two most practiced Christian religions. Judaism, Buddhism, and Muslim are also widely practiced. Around one-fifth of the population do not associate with a particular religion.

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Discovering the US

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