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Tips are based on the cost and quality of the service provided. In most cases, a tip of 15% to 20% of the cost is appropriate. Though, when the tip amounts to only a few coins, one dollar per item is a courtesy. Food Cuisine in the US is due to the diversity of the population; it is hard to label one cuisine as the traditional American fare. Cuisine throughout the US varies regionally. In the south, you will find more barbecue restaurants, but in the coastal areas, seafood is more common. Conventional American dishes include hamburgers and hot dogs, and can be found virtually anywhere across the country. Ingredients and Typical Dishes (within different regions) + Northeast: With a British history, many dishes include ingredients like potatoes, cornmeal, and bread. As a coastal region, there is also an emphasis onseafood + Midwest: Cuisine throughout the Midwest is very diverse. There is everything from barbecue to seafood to traditional burgers and hot dogs. It’s common for each city to be known for a specific dish. For instance, Chicago is known for their deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago-Style hot dogs + South: From barbecue to Cajun, a variety of cuisine options are offered in the south. Strong Caribbean traditions influence the area’s cuisine with peppers, plantains, figs, and other local crops found in many dishes + West: The American West has a strong Native American and Hispanic influence. Common dishes depend on the area, but most include seafood, local produce, and other organic ingredients Daily Meals The standard practices for each meal are below: + Breakfast: Common foods include cereal, fresh fruit, eggs, toast and other breads, juice, and milk + Lunch: The meal to carry you over from breakfast to dinner usually includes sandwiches, salads, and other easy-prep foods + Dinner: The biggest meal. It usually contains a protein, starch, and vegetable that will keep you feeling full through the night Grocery Typical US grocery stores, or supermarkets, tend to be large and may also sell household supplies such as cleaning products, toiletries, and paper products. Some supermarkets also have a pharmacy or bank branch located inside. Most supermarkets and grocery stores are open seven days a week and many have extended hours. Store clerks may ask if you prefer your purchases in plastic or paper bags. Frequently, shoppers use permanent cloth bags to use upon each visit to reduce waste. In select areas, groceries can be purchased and delivered using mobile applications like Instacart , Fresh Direct , and Deliv .

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Discovering the US

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