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Fraudulent use of your identification is a serious crime – and you should protect your identity by making certain your personal information, especially your Social Security Number, is retained in a safe and secure manner. The United States Federal Trade Commission hosts a website that provides an overview of the subject, steps to take to minimize the chances of theft, and what to do in case of identity theft. More information can be found at and . Driver’s License Each of the 50 states enacts and enforces its own laws governing licensing and registration. Your Dwellworks Consultant will advise you on your state’s specific regulations or laws regarding application requirements. If you meet state residency, you are required to apply for a state identification card or driver’s license, as they serve many purposes beyond driving. If your home country license is not in English, it may be valuable to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) for use until you receive your state driver’s license. IDPs can be applied for in your home country that serves as a translation to aid bureaucratic authorities with the interpretation of your home country driver’s license. You must have your home country license with you when driving. Please note that an IDP does not replace the state driver’s license. The general licensing procedures may require you to: fill out an application; pass written, driving, vision and/or physical exams; pay a fee; and show proof of vehicle registration and vehicle insurance. A Social Security Number or Social Security Card, proof of residency, identity, and immigration status are required at the time of application. Helpful Hint: You must have your driver’s license and proof of insurance with you at all times when driving. You may be fined if you do not have these documents to showa police officer when asked to do so. Reciprocity Some countries have established reciprocity agreements with particular states in the US These agreements acknowledge the applicant’s home country driver’s license as a valid state driver’s license. A state driver’s license is still required, but the process of obtaining the license will be abbreviated for someone moving from a country with reciprocity. Visas Part of moving to the US is applying for your visa. Each person who wishes to enter the country and work legally must have the petition approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services before applying. Your employer will inform you of which one to apply for. For more information, you can visit the US State Department’s website to make sure you are applying for the right version that fits your stay.

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Discovering the US

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