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Taxes Taxes in the US are levied at the federal, state, and local levels. These taxes can be income, payroll, property, sales, capital gains, dividends, imports, estates, and gifts. Different tax systems within the states may define taxable income separately, but all states do impose this tax on working individuals. Many deductions and exemptions exist, but these are dependent on the residing state. Social Security and Medicare taxes are federal social insurance taxes that are imposed equally on employers and employees. Social Security amounts to 6.2% of wages and 1.45% of wages for Medicare, both with maximums. This money, though, can be a refundable tax credit upon filing an income tax return for the year. Visit the government’s website at

Safety and Security At Home + Keep doors and windows locked when you are not actively using them

+ Avoid sharing personal information over the phone + Never tell strangers about household routines + Installing security systems can help increase safety within the home + If a representative from a public utility company comes to work at your home, ask them to present proper identification On the Streets + Be aware of your surroundings and avoid traveling to unsafe areas at night alone + Pay attention to personal belongings in large crowds to avoid pick-pocketing + Keep photocopies of important documents at home in case of theft + if you or someone you are with is feeling harassed, do not respond and avoid interaction In the Car + While driving, keep your doors locked + Inside the vehicle, keep packages and personal belongings out of sight or in the trunk + Tell your children to never accept rides from people they don’t know + Drive in accordance to those around you, especially in poor weather conditions

Helpful Hint: Cities and municipalities have their own laws regarding mobile phone usage while driving. Be sure to check the local laws.

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Discovering the US

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