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Personal Data Security In today’s digital world, personal and business data is at risk of being compromised. Hackers and scammers are getting creative as to the ways they manipulate or coerce individuals. As Relocation Service Providers, Dwellworks and its clients place great emphasis on ensuring comprehensive precautions to prevent data breaches. A recent trend involves hackers setting up fraudulent email accounts mirroring the accounts of relocation or real estate providers inclusive of fraudulent wiring instructions to collect real estate deposits, first month’s rent and/or closing funds. Please be aware that you will never be asked to transfer funds or make payments electronically (via email or otherwise) to Dwellworks. Dwellworks disclaims liability with regard to any third-party fraud that may arise in conjunction with any relocation transaction involving the transfer or funds or making of payments. To aid in the protection of your information, we offer the following email and computer security tips: + Email that appears to have come from someone you know but really isn’t: Email addresses can be manipulated to look like it is from someone you know. If the email doesn’t sound or look exactly right, check the full email address – especially the part after the “@” sign. When in doubt, send a separate email to the sender (or call) and verify that the email is legitimate + Never click on an email link that is from someone you do not know + Never download or open attachments from someone you do not know + Be especially wary of attachments that are . ZIP files claiming to be invoices ortracking information + Do not reply to or forward spam emails + Avoid using public Wi-Fi + Microsoft will never contact you directly regarding the health of your computer. Please do not allow anyone claiming to be Microsoft to remotely access your computer or give them your financial information + If you are reading your email in a web browser, be sure to click Log Off beforeclosing the window + Make sure your computer Anti-Virus is installed and kept up-to-date

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