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Landlines are still used in many homes in the US, and the telephone jack and electrical current will most likely be pre-installed in your home. Adapters for different phones can be found easily. The international telephone country code for the US is +1. Mobile Most mobile phone providers require that a US Social Security Number be established prior to obtaining a contract for service. While a contract may be possible, you may have to pay an expensive deposit before establishing service. To avoid this, it is recommended that you purchase a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go phone until credit is built. Several mobile phone providers offer prepaid plans, which allows mobile phone service without a contractual agreement. Most prepaid plans offer international long distance plans. This type of service requires the user to purchase additional minutes on an as-needed basis. Below are a few of the major mobile companies in the US, including: + Verizon Wireless – + AT&T – + Sprint – + T-Mobile – Television Cable television service provides more available channels to watch as well as better visual and sound quality. The selection of cable television providers available in your area will vary depending on the city, township, or

even the apartment complex in which you live. To have cable installed in your home, it is likely that the provider may need to come into your home to coordinate initial setup. Either the service technician or your consultant can provide you with information that explains the types of programming available as well as a channel directory.

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Discovering the US

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