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With that said it is important to read the material carefully as it provides the details of what your health insurance plan includes. You will need to become familiar with it so you can use full benefit of your insurance. You will receive a card from either your employer or health insurance provider; the card is meant to verify your coverage and act as proof that you have health insurance. Questions regarding your health insurance coverage can be answered by your employer. Emergency If you have a medical emergency and need immediate care, you can either take your own mode of transportation to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, or dial 911 for immediate medical attention to arrive at your location. An ambulance will then take you to the hospital. Dial 911 only in a serious medical emergency. The emergency room is not intended for situations where a call to your doctor or a visit to a walk-in clinic would be sufficient. Situations that demand medical attention but may not necessarily be emergencies include animal bites and small puncture wounds or lacerations. While emergency care in the US is considered excellent, it is also expensive. There will be a fee for the ambulance, the emergency room, any medications administered, services of the doctors involved, and any tests or special procedures involved. Hospitals Most hospitals are either non-profit and operate with the help of endowments or are privately owned and operate for profit. If your doctor tells you that you will need to go to a hospital for any non-emergency reason, he/she will discuss with you which hospital to choose. To locate a hospital near you visit: . Urgent Care Centers You may visit an Urgent Care Center if you need non-emergency medical assistance when your primary care doctor’s office is closed. Many urgent care centers are open from the early morning until late in theevening during the week and also maintain weekend and holiday hours.

Just as with a visit to the doctor, the Urgent Care Center will always need your insurance information, and a co-pay may apply at the time of treatment.

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