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Selection of a rental home in your new community is one of the most critical aspects of your relocation. Your consultant will provide basic information on neighborhoods, schools, and activities to help you with the first steps of this decision. Things to Consider: Before beginning the rental search, it is important to determine which community best fits your needs. The city you are moving to may be a large area with many different residential areas. Each of these areas has its own advantages and disadvantages. In selecting an area, consider the points below. It is likely that several communities may meet your needs. Schools If you have school-aged children, the availability and quality of the public or private school your child(ren) will attend will influence where you choose to live. (Refer to the “Education” section of this guide for more information) Commute Time and Public Transportation Driving long distances to work and navigating large freeway systems and traffic can consume much of your time and be frustrating. Is it important that you have access to public transportation? You should consider this when selecting a location in which to live. Cultural Activities and Sports Events Most large cities and communities offer concerts, museums, plays, opera, sports events, universities, and other venues of cultural interest. Typically, they are located in the central part of the city but may be spread throughout the area. Housing Do you prefer an urban, suburban, or rural area? With some important exceptions, larger and newer houses are further away from the city center, perhaps offering more luxury for the money. However, you may have to drive further to work, access stores and services, participate in cultural activities and sporting events. Partner’s Possible Future Employment If the accompanying partner is eligible to work and is interested in looking for a job, consider where in the area that job may be found. Living in an area where the partner would have access to job opportunities could prove beneficial in the future. Types of Rental Housing The following are descriptions of the types of rental housing typically available in the US Please keep in mind that available housing styles and rental costs vary from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood within cities. Your consultant will advise on the housing options and price ranges available in your destination city.

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Discovering the US

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