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Lease Completion and Returning Your Property to Acceptable Condition Although lease contracts typically stipulate a lease end date, a key requirement in departing a rental home in the US is providing formal notice of departure to the landlord. It is important to note that the tenant’s obligations conclude on the lease end date, not the date the home is vacated . Tenant obligations include: maintaining the interior and exterior premises and the payment of all charges (i.e. utilities and monthly rent). Additionally, the tenant may be required to allow access to the premises for maintenance and for marketing purposes. Helpful Hint: Leaving the property in acceptable condition is vital to ensure a full refund of the security deposit. Even the most conscientious tenant is likely to cause some minor ‘damage’ while living in a home. For example: nails in walls, stickers on cupboard door, chips to walls from furniture, and marks on the carpets. It is the tenant’s obligation to return the property in the condition typically outlined in the lease, normal wear and tear excepted. Although damage charges may be negotiated, landlords reserve the right to require monetary reimbursement for repairs and damages required outside the terms of the lease agreement. Overall Expectations It is expected that all ‘damages’ which have occurred during occupancy are repaired and all tenant maintenance obligations have been met (e.g. electric, plumbing, appliances, etc. are in working order). These expectations extend to the exterior of the home including, but not limited to garden spaces, swimming pool and lawn. Remove any nails, picture hooks, shelves, or alterations. Consult with your landlord should there be a need to hire a professional to carry out repairs. A property will be delivered in a clean state and it will be expected to be in that condition when the tenant vacates. Professional Cleaning It is typically a requirement that the premises are professionally cleaned upon lease completion. This may include a comprehensive cleaning of the entire home or be limited to carpets. Carpets are an important feature of any home. If carpets are marked beyond wear and tear and professional cleaning is not successful, one can expect the landlord to insist on replacement. Structural Defects Typically, the lease stipulates that the tenant must immediately notify the landlord of any leaks, dampness or structural defects (e.g. leaks in plumbing or the roof); it is then the obligation of the landlord to attend to these within a specified time period (typically 10 days). If, however, the tenant has not notified the landlord of these types of defects during the lease, the tenant is usually liable for the repairs of the affected area and additional damages at the end of the lease.

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