“NEW” 2018 IEEE 1584 Formula Review Service

Formula Review Scope/Process

 Open system file in updated software and run system with new IEEE formulas.  Provide list of devices that show: o Elevated incident energy values due to new formulas.

o Identify and note any devices found where additional information may be required to evaluate based on new standards – control cabinets, junction boxes, dimensions, cables - NOTE: Systems evaluated per 2015 NFPA 70E (or earlier) may also have other variables to consider (i.e. the inclusion of junction boxes)

Scope Clarifications  No changes to model will be made  If model is incomplete to the point it won’t run additional costs will apply to get the model in

working condition before running formula review.  Field changes not in model will not be included.  Utility data from model will be used.  (2) system scenarios included in base pricing.  System size of up to 1,000 devices included in base pricing.  Base price based on: o Any existing SSC client models o Any Easy Power models o (SKM or ETAP models will require in hand for budget pricing updates)

Call your local support contact for pricing details


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