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45,000 Meetings and Counting BIO holds the record! “You are all officially amazing,” observed Michael Empric, official adjudicator for Guinness World Records North America.

Addiction is All in the Family By Chris Morrison

societal forces that can be an impediment to recovery. Reiner said that they first realized their son Nick was having problems with drugs when he was 14 years old. “If you’re a parent of a child who experiences this … you really don’t know what to do,” he said. “All I kept thinking was ‘I don’t want my kid to die.’” For more than half a decade Nick was in and out of rehabilitation, a process reflected in “Being Charlie” and one that both Reiners ap- proach with earned cynicism. “To send him away REINER | Continued on page 34 Tr ilblaz rs Trailblazers Trailblazers Trailblazers Trailblazers Trailblazers

“Being Charlie,” a film that educates audiences about the realities of opioid addiction and sheds light on the stigma associated with the dis- ease, framed and at times illustrated a keynote discussion yesterday, as BIO president and CEO Jim Greenwood spoke to the film’s director, Rob Reiner. The legendary Reiner directed the film based on a screenplay co-written by his son Nick Reiner, based on the latter’s struggle with addiction. In between clips of the film, Greenwood and Reiner discussed the film’s personal nature, Nick’s and his parents’ struggles, and the medical and

BIO welcomes the organization’s original leadership and executive board members to celebrate 25 years of innovation. From left to right: Fred Frank, biotechnol- ogy’s first investment banker (Vice Chair- man, Lehman Brothers); Robert Beckman, first BIO Vice Chair, ECS (InterGen); Alison Taunton-Rigby, Founding BIO Board Mem- ber; TomWiggans, Founding BIO Board Member; Dr. Forrest Anthony, Founding BIO Board Member; Jim Skinner, first BIO Chair, ECS (President, ABC) (EDITEK)



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