ISN Contractor Testimonials - Utilities, Power Generation & Distribution 2016

February 2 5 , 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the last 40+ years, Clean Air Engineering (CleanAir) has integrated a collection of comprehensive technical and consulting services, which include: air pollution testing and monitoring, environmental consulting, cooling tower drift and thermal energy efficiency testing, pollution control equipment evaluation, gas measurement equipment sales, rental, calibration/repair and the CleanAir MET™Line of Mercury monitoring systems. Since the company’s founding in 1972, CleanAir has and continues to establish a reputation for excellence on projects of all types and sizes. This reputation stems from our focus on reliability, responsiveness, individual client attention and pride in our work. Our company recognizes the importance of the health, safety and welfare of its most valuable resource: the employee. Furthermore, we realize safety plays a vital role in increasing the value of our products and services for our clients. With the use of ISNetworld, multiple clients have the ability to easily and efficiently review our key safety performance metrics, while significantly reducing the resources required to manage metrics individually. ISNetworld also allows us to show our customers we meet their expectations on multiple levels. Clients can review our safety programs, safety statistics, company information and insurance requirements all in one place. CleanAir utilizes several areas within ISNetworld to help manage our customer relationships, such as the “My To-Do List” feature, which enables us to stay current with our clients’ needs. In addition, the Customer Service Team at ISN has proven to be exceptional; they exemplify a vast knowledge of their system and have always been available for assistance when needed.

CleanAir is pleased to be a subscriber to ISNetworld and will continue utilizing their services. They provide a platform for our business relationships, while helping create a safer work environment for everyone.

Best Regards,

Chris Vrabel, CSP Corporate Safety Leader Clean Air Engineering, Inc

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