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SARAH PITTARD Sarah is a seasoned travel writer and mother of two from Toronto, Canada. Along with her kids, she has travelled to Kenya on safari, hiked in Hawaii, gallivanted through Europe, and journeyed across North America on epic road trips. She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta and spends her weekends exploring the Canadian Rockies. Sarah combines her love of luxury hotels with her adventurous spirit to create unique vacations with her kids.

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CHARMAINE NORONHA Charmaine is a journalist with The Associated Press, covering Canadian news for an international audience out of her home base of Toronto. When she’s not writing about our beloved PM or the state of our economy, she travels to lands far and near with the hopes of penning stories about intriguing destinations. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, USA Today, Men’s Journal, The Toronto Star, WestJet Magazine, Flare Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Montecristo Magazine, The National Post, Vancouver Sun and now she’s happy to say, Ensemble Vacations. CINDA CHAVICH Cinda is an award-winning journalist, specializing in food and drink. Cinda’s work has appeared widely, from the Globe and Mail and Maclean’s to CBC radio, YAM and EAT magazines. Her latest cookbook, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook, addresses the global issue of food waste. Cinda believes that a local food or drink specialty is a window into any region’s history, geography and culture, and has explored haggis in Scotland, cod fishing in Newfoundland and Muslim street food in Xi’an, China. While in Peru, she tasted classics like Lomo Saltado, ceviche and cuy, and visited four restaurants on the world’s top 50 list – 65 courses in 48 hours! NANCY TRUMAN Toronto-based travel writer Nancy Truman got the travel bug after spending a summer in Europe as a nanny. When she was working as a business editor, she got the opportunity to turn her passion for travel and photography to writing travel features that appeared in the National Post, Vancouver Province, and other Postmedia papers. While her passion is food, wine, history and culture, she also believes it’s important to tell the stories of people she meets on her journeys. Nancy recently left her career as a business editor to spend more time sharing her travel adventures.

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