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Sell a chair. Sell a chairmat. Use Deflecto’s online tool, Chairmat Chooser to guide you to the right product based on your customers specific needs. go to:

How to choose a chairmat...

Let's make sure you protect your investment!

The proper chairmat protects your carpet or hard floor, increases mobility and can even decrease back stress. In some cases, not using a chairmat could effect your chair or flooring warranty.

Choose floor type...

It's important to choose the right chairmat. If it's not matched up to the flooring and usage properly, it can greatly reduce mobility or even crack over time.

What type of flooring do you have?


What is the combined thickness of the carpet and pad? UP TO 1/4" – COMMERCIAL UP TO 3/8" – LOW PILE UP TO 1/2" – MEDIUM PILE OVER 1/2" – HIGH PILE    


Applies to tile, wood, vinyl, laminate, etc.

Carpet thickness...

It's easy to determine your carpets thickness. Let me walk you through it then I’ll send you a free Deflecto Carpet Pile Detector.



Push the pin out extending it from the Carpet Pile Detector. Insert it through carpet and pad to sub-floor. The arrow will point to the right pile thickness.

Open one end of a paper clip. Insert it through carpet and pad. Measure portion of paper clip that entered the carpet and pad.

  

Don’t Let Easy Add-on Sales Slip Away!

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