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Choose your space...

Other areas can benefit from chairmats too, like a copy room, coffee bar or high traffic area such as reception desks.

Now, let’s determine the desk type that most closely resembles the space in which the chairmat will be used. Is it a straight desk, L-workstation or a desk and credenza?

Choose surface area...

Most common sizes are 36”× 48”, 45”× 53” and 46”× 60”. But many other sizes are available.

We’ll need to know your floor area to find out which size chairmat fits best. Measure the length and width where the chair will be used.

Choose load and usage...

Next, I’ll need to know the load. Can you tell me the approximate combined weight of the chair and person using it?

And approximately how often will the chair be used?

LOAD LIGHT under 150 lbs. MEDIUM / AVERAGE 150–250 lbs. HEAVY over 250 lbs.


LOW / OCCASIONAL Daily 0-4 hours AVERAGE / MODERATE Daily 4–6 hours HIGH / FREQUENT Daily 6–8 hours HIGH All day

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Choose the shape...

The L-workstation is only available in 60”× 66” and the contour in both 39“× 49” and 48”× 56”.

We’re just about finished. All we need to determine is which shape chairmat will fit best? We have rectangle, lip, L-workstation and contour.

And the results are...

According to the information you’ve provided, the recommended chairmats for your application are... C (NAME AND DESCRIBE THE RESULT OPTIONS)

I’d be happy to get those ordered for you.


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