CJHP May-June 2017


Vol. 70, No. 3 May–June 2017 Pages 165–256 The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Le Journal canadien de la pharmacie hospitalière

Pages 165–256 Vol. 70, n o 3 mai–juin 2017

In this issue / Dans ce numéro : n Point Counterpoint: Statins for Patients Over 80 Years of Age n International Perspectives: Japan n Interactions between Valproic Acid and Lorazepam: PIVOtAL Study n Thiamine Prescribing Practices n Direct Oral Anticoagulants and Vitamin K Antagonists n Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis n Management of Supratherapeutic INR after Warfarin with Vitamin K: SUPRA-WAR-K Study n Discontinuation of PPIs in Residential Care n Redesign of Clinical Pharmacy Practice at a Hospital in Medellín, Colombia n Stability of Vancomycin 50 mg/mL Suspension

Near Helen Lake, Alberta

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