Oceania Proposal

This leads to the next facet, which is education. Art auctioneers tend to provide limited education as a vehicle to increase auction prices, rather than to provide a cultural enhancement to passengers. While this may, on a short-term basis, drive up gavel prices, it has the opposite effect long-term. Education should be structured in order to help passengers discern good works from bad, and to know how to place personal value on a given work of art. To the extent that a client understands what they are buying, their shipboard experience is enhanced, and the stories they tell their families and friends become far more positive, which in turn improves cruise lines’ brand loyalty. The various lawsuits and bad publicity derived from negative experiences has a snowball effect due to the impact of word-of-mouth transfer. One person will almost never only tell one other person. They will tell many people, who then tell many people, which creates an exponential problem. The net effect is that long-term brand satisfaction is sacrificed for short-term profits. Galerie Michael operates on a vastly different basis. Client education is foremost ans is viewed very positively, such that clients feel far more confident that the works they are acquiring are fairly-priced, sound additions to their collections. The Galerie at Sea concept of transplanting the Rodeo Drive luxury brand experience to a new ship-based gallery model. For all but a handful of cruises, sales would take place as they do on land. All sales will involve great works at fair prices. Oceania’s relationship with Galerie Michael and Andrew Weiss Gallery will enhance the Oceania brand. The effect of the creation of a business partnership between three world-class entities—Galerie Michael, Andrew Weiss Gallery and Oceania is that a mutually-beneficial synergy will be created. Galerie Michael and Andrew Weiss Gallery would expand their brands while Oceania would permanently create a positively energized art experience for its culturally-enriched passengers. Rather than following the lead of low-level cruise lines, Oceania would enhance its ongoing reputation by bringing Rodeo Drive luxury merchant experiences to its ships. A new following of Oceania’s brand would be established as clients seek new opportunities of enrichment through education and culture as they mature in life. The use of a segment of Galerie Michael’s strong and loyal customer base would form an initial nucleus that would be expanded with each passing cruise. Through education, Galerie Michael provides a unique formula that gives its clients the necessary tools to make viable collecting decisions. As this takes hold on Oceania’s ships, there will be a very positive effect on Oceania’s already-high-level reputation. Aside from the direct economic impact that Galerie Michael will have for Oceania, the secondary and tertiary impacts cannot be ignored. Passengers brought to Oceania for the cultural enrichment and fine art acquisition programs have high levels of disposable income. These passengers are very much inclined to spend time in the casinos, to purchase premium wines and to purchase optional food items. High-level clients demand a top-flight cruise experience and are willing and able to spend their money toward that end. All of the above builds loyal clients who will continue to repeat pleasant and culturally enriching experiences.

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